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7. Day 26: Not A Parlor Trick

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7. Day 26:  Not A Parlor Trick

I am sitting here in the awareness of honesty.  I asked Holy Spirit what do I need to know right now about honesty that I might go even deeper. HS:  Dearest One,  Honesty is not a parlor trick.  It isn’t “that thing you do” when you want a different outcome. Honesty is that practice of willingness to go within and ask.  That is all. Honesty is efficient because Love knows only efficiency.  Honesty is powerful because Love is powerful.  Honesty is revelation because Love is revelation. Honesty is a quality of Love.  Be open to all that honesty can tell you about yourself....

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7. Day 25: Happy Birthday Beloved One

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7. Day 25: Happy Birthday Beloved One

A birthday message for my beloved from my heart of hearts…… Precious One, Know that you are the power of my heart.  You are the way I walk in the world.  You are the one I turn to when it is time to act.  Your willingess to love in action has made you most useful in spreading the gospel of Love.  Dear One you are the apple of my eye.  In you is the ever flowing river of life.  It is your birth-rite, treasure and joyful secret. This new year is but another brief moment in eternity.  Years and decades and minutes and seconds are just different ways to see all that is within you....

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7. Day 24: The Reveal

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7. Day 24:  The Reveal

I have noticed that honesty does not usually work alone.  There is an expression of quiet, sometimes nearly imperceptible, when we go within and let honesty reveal itself.  Honesty reveals what is already present.  Why am I so afraid to have what is already present revealed? I mean, if it is already present, what more can happen if I just notice this?  Am I afraid more will be asked of me that I do not have to give? Honesty IS what I have to give.  If I can allow myself this gift my days and nights and everything in between are enriched with gentleness, kindness, strength and ease.  What is...

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7. Day 23: The Wedding Practice

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7. Day 23:  The Wedding Practice

Earlier this month I explored 100 Ways To Be Aware Of Honesty with Holy Spirit.  I keep returning to this list for inspiration, guidance, and to see how far my awareness has come in just a few weeks.  What jumps out at me today is how it was a revelation that I could encourage, allow and welcome honesty in others by being honest with myself.  I didn’t realize my own hesitation to be honest with myself actually sends the message that honesty is not entirely welcome. It was with a big gulp that I decided that honesty was, indeed, a two way street.  If I was going to go within and hear my...

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7. Day 22: WE Are Worth Celebrating

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7. Day 22:  WE Are Worth Celebrating

I am loving how Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart with these lists of “100 Reasons Why”.  I was simply writing a card to go into a goodie bag to give my daughter and her fiance` (I love saying this;) to take on a cross country trip they were making.  The list just spilled out my delight, my tender love and the joy I shared in their beginning adventure.  I love how honest the Holy Spirit is here.   100 Reasons Why A Drive Across Country IS The Perfect Way To Celebrate Our Engagement     We are in love with one another We love spending time together Driving is a great...

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