Trumped or Clintoned?

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Trumped or Clintoned?

Let’s forget the fact that being trumped leaves me feeling overpowered and being clintoned sounds like I’ve been gutted.  Am I the only one who thinks our election year has turned into some kind of weird reality show titled “The Emperor Has No Sense”?  Just like the favorite children’s story from Hans Christian Andersen, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” our Emperor candidates are letting it all hang out and just daring us to vote without stating the obvious:  Um……but……THE EMPEROR HAS NO SENSE!!! This rather unbelievable state of affairs has led me to do quite a lot of thinking which naturally ended up in a twisted pile of what-ifs, oh NO!!’s, and “There surely must be some other choice I could be making?”  If you are feeling the same way (or just want it all to stop so you can get on with your life, for heaven’s sake). Read on.

i forgot to mention

The Emperor has no sense.

We do have another choice.  Vote:  Go Within.  There. That’s it.  I’ve said it.  Look inside guys.  Look inside your own heart.  Look at your own thoughts. Honestly it is not our Emperor candidates that have us riled it is our thoughts about them and what they could or might do to this country that has us upset and in a tortured quandary. “Where is Love in all of this?”  you ask.  Good question. Great question actually.  Where IS Love in all this? Where it always is:  within.  WITHIN.  You, my friend, are the love, sanity and peace you are seeking. You simply cannot wait for, vote or count on another to give you peace, joy or safety.  What if it really did not make the difference we think it will which way we cast our vote in the election? What if the vote that really made the difference is not even being covered by CNN or the BBC or Huffington Post?  What if the vote that really mattered is one that could be cast right here, right now?

Dear One, go within.  Be still and listen.  In that precious heart of yours is everything you need to be happy, peaceful, safe and loving.  You have the capacity to love even the most senseless emperor, thought or enraged feeling.  Not just tolerate as in gritting your teeth and casting your vote or worse, NOT voting because you are fed up. Not just acknowledging the ridiculous state of the (dis)union like an old bumper sticker which proclaimed “Jesus may love you but the rest of us think you’re an a**hole!” Not just putting your head in the sand while muttering to yourself “Why can’t we just all get along?!!” Your capacity to love is infinite.  INFINITE.  Did you hear that?  Your capacity to love is infinite.  Sure, you believe God has the capacity and ability to love all unconditionally but you are just human, right?  Surely you don’t have to even contemplate that.  That’s God’s job.  Isn’t it?  Well, isn’t it??!

breathe & always ask

Do you really need more spectacle??

What if that holy splash of divine you have in you whether you call it Jesus, Love, common sense, Light or my Higher Self really is the key to not only surviving the ridiculous but thriving in it, reveling in it and fully enjoying it?  What if the spectacle we call in America, “The Election”, was simply a stunning, perfect opportunity to practice the inevitable?  And what exactly is the inevitable?  Love loves.  When love loves love is mirrored back, reflected and refracted into a billion different spectacular colors.  We are heated up and in a quandary because we think we must choose “out there”.  Our choice isn’t Trump or Clinton, our choice is whether to love or not to love.  Extending love to all that is happening in front of our very eyes (Donald, Hillary, Larry, Curly or Moe) and extending love to all that is happening behind our very eyes in our whirling, twirling, insatiable mind (Hello thoughts!). When you choose (and it is a choice) to extend love you are reminded that you actually are love.  When we are in our “The Emperor Has No Sense” mode we are still love but love with amnesia, a drunk in charge of a body and the world having forgotten totally who we are.

The choice we really have is always before us.  Are you going to choose love (thereby remembering the truth about you and your fellow creatures) and experience peace, joy and

The relief of hearing Holy Spirit feels like this!

Find peace within.

sanity or are you going to eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil and bicker and rant and fret until the cows come home that ‘choosing between good and evil MATTERS, god-damn-it!!!” and experience anger, fear, trepidation and hallucination?  I keep choosing love because the alternative just feels too constrictive, too painful, too fake.  Choose what is real to have what is real revealed to you.

Choose what is real to have what is real revealed to you.

Go within, feel the truth of who you are and see if what is reflected back to you is miraculously different.  What if we all chose love and to go within and listen to our divine Self, what guidance could come our way?  Bless this magnificent, ridiculous, wild time in history for it is giving us the most obvious choice of our lives: Go within and feel peace, joy & sanity………or go without and know fear, anger and emptiness. Go within…….I AM waiting for you.


  1. Beautiful, Eva. Thank you! <3 =^^=

    • Thanks for reading Kitty, I love getting the vegan seal of approval!! xoxo

  2. Aaah, some words of peace in the midst of all the insanity. Refreshing!

    • Isn’t peace delicious!?!! Thanks for reading and for your heart receiving, xoxo

  3. So much truth in what you have written Eva!
    More love, peace and “tolerance” is what we need now amongst the chaos of the current elections

    • Love, peace & tolerance in all things would pretty much transform our entire world. Thanks for reading my Aussie beauty! xx

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