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4. Day 31: This Post Rated XXX

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4. Day 31: This Post Rated XXX

I think the biggest lesson I have experienced in extending love to letting go is seeing that I truly have everything I need in every moment.  Not as in a platitude but in reality.  I have everything I need because my heart is everything I need. In my heart are desires, guidance, delights and I need but follow them and I end up experiencing peace in the midst of whatever is going on.  This past weekend we packed and were ready to drive to Los Angeles on business.  We went out to the garage to get out my husband’s car and this is what we found: Whoa!!  This rather makes it impossible to...

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4. Day 30: Letting Go Of Today

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4. Day 30:  Letting Go Of Today

As my month of extending love to the fear of letting go wraps up I stand in gratitude for all I have come to see.  A mere four weeks ago (!) I held tightly to all I loved (and even to anything I didn’t love, now that I think about it) and could see no other way of being.  The month my Holy Friend chose for me to remind myself of the Love that I am in the form of a month of extending love to the fear of Letting Go.  My practice extending love to letting go this month has released something new, yet ancient in me.  I don’t need to “hold on tight” to anything, not even...

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4. Day 29: I Do

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4. Day 29:  I Do

When I was preparing to officiate my first wedding for some dear friends I spent much time in prayer, meditation and a modicum of unholy panic as the momentousness of the ceremony dawned on me.  This is an ACTUAL legal happening, I realized.  Two people will be officially married when the ceremony is done.  As the hugeness of this rose in my awareness I extended much love to my thoughts as I naturally turned to Holy Spirit for peace, clarity and my real purpose on the day.  I realized, in a ceremony, we are all letting go into, together, for the sake of what is being observed and celebrated....

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4. Day 28: Jealous? Who ME??

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4. Day 28:  Jealous?  Who ME??

I had a dream a few nights ago that left me feeling feelings I rarely, if ever, notice experiencing.  How can I let go of what I am not yet aware of?  I dreamt a dear friend had published a book without telling me and I found out almost by accident as people were coming up to her and asking her to sign their books.  I experienced real shock, jealousy and deep sense of outrage that this momentous thing had happened without me getting to be a part of any of it.  This rather exposed my deepest desire to publish a book that I store neatly behind  phrases like “Oh, if it happens that will...

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4. Day 27: Meditation On Emptiness

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4. Day 27:  Meditation On Emptiness

I am loving the seeing that I am letting go into, rather than of.  This feels infinitely truer in every way.  As I am becoming friendly with the Vastness [of Love] I notice anything and everything that can help me let go into that Love that I am.  This quote from “Journeys With A Brother” is a perfect meditation on space which helps shift my focus from my thoughts to Love.  Extending love to space is extending love to my thoughts because the space is holding everything (including my zany, incessant, frequently panicky thoughts). “Acknowledge that everything outside yourself...

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