Tears To You

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Tears To You

It seems we all have bits of kryptonite embedded within ourselves that undo us, or one close to us in order that love may flow freely.  Usually it is something we don’t like or appreciate about ourselves.  My kryptonite is tears.  Tears are how I release powerful feeling whether it is delight, anger, panic or appreciation of beauty.  I eventually came to see my tears as Holy Spirit speaking to me or at the very least trying to get my attention.

One day, not very long ago, tears were bubbling and over flowing with no obvious reason.  I was willing to listen to what the tears needed to say or have me hear. This poem came from that place of vulnerability.

“Tears to You”

When I am free to share my tears

easy as pi

Let them fall darling one.

I am free to share all of me


Tears express my depths

even, especially, when words simply cannot


This expression of intensity

is my mantra, a longing


reminding me of my wholeness

of being which accepts all faiths

all expressions, all hopes, all colors & qualities of love


Fear not my tears

they are the symbol of my joy


They are precious gems.

being released that sadness

my return home unscathed


Be free my precious tears

thank you for your gifts

no wonder God saves each & every

wet kiss, glistening trail & pool of sadness


They are the sign:

Love Is At Work


Come my lovelies

flow from my eyes & heart


Be free to express this moment

stephen kaltenbach sculpture

Tears are the living water come to call.

the bitter longing for release


I am here with you

waiting, loving, holding

guiding, caring, tending

listening, watching, tasting



My. Precious. One.


  1. All I can say is this is Beautiful and touching beyond words.

    Love to you Eva, Dawn

    • Such a gift to hear from you. Thank you so much for reading. xoxox

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