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The Golden Elixir of Now

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The Golden Elixir of Now

I often wonder how to integrate into my living the vastness of eternity and God-is-Love with the concept of NOW, this minute here right in front of me. More importantly, how do I feel the vastness without immediately slipping into feeling overwhelmed? My Holy Friend is who I turn to in all things, especially the ones that make you want to shout “WTF???!!!” at the top of your lungs. Me: So how do I claim the vastness without experiencing overwhelm? How do I feel All-That-Is without screaming “TOO MUCH!!!”? HS:  Precious One, You but need to see the vastness in the...

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8. Day 4: Not-Knowing IS….

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8. Day 4:  Not-Knowing IS….

I feel bubbly, jittery, nervous and swirly.  The rapid staccato strobe light effect is like having my heart on speed boil. I need to express it all and just allow the flow so balance and peace may return to my awareness.  I can barely calm down with all that is going on (of the happiest variety, flying to LA for a conference, prepping for our departure soon to UK, a wedding etc).  Help and guide me into peace now. My walk helped tremendously.  It allowed the nervous energy to move through me and left me open to hear the Holy Spirit.  These thoughts came to me during the walk. HS:...

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6. Day 20: The Thing About Tiredness

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6. Day 20:  The Thing About Tiredness

What I am beginning to notice about tiredness is that it is present whether I extend love to it or not.  Perhaps this is like a hair color or being short, it just is.  Of course I can go blonde if I want to (and I do) or wear high heals (not so much) to alter what is but does it really alter the limited self of brown-eyed, fifty-something, 5′ 2″ Eva?  No, not really.  What is getting clearer is that when I extend love I am reminded that I am love.  Not that love gets rid of what I don’t want.  Or that love can change everything in a moment, although it does.  What changes...

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5. Day 31: A Malleable Kindness

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5. Day 31:  A Malleable Kindness

Holy Spirit, you spoke yesterday about my awareness expanding out to the stars.  That is rather intriguing.  Can you tell me more about this and how is relates to this month of EVERY DAY.  Thank you Friend. HS:  EVERY DAY is the way you melt into the expansion of your awareness.  If you were to become aware of your Awareness all at once you could be overwhelmed and experience such shock it would take eons for you to recover.  This game of life you enjoy on this earth is just one way you are expanding on the awareness that you are.  Fear not talk of the universe at large.  Scientists are...

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5. Day 29: Do You Have EVERY DAY Awareness?

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5. Day 29:  Do You Have EVERY DAY Awareness?

One thing I have noticed in my extending love to my old fear of EVERY DAY is that I have strengthened my awareness of my awareness.  I know that sounds like double talk but I believe I actually am and have Awareness all the time.  It might even be what I call Holy Spirit or at least it is how I connect to Holy Spirit (or Consciousness or the Universe or Divine MInd).  In strengthening my awareness of the Awareness I am becoming attuned to my walk of holiness that unfolds EVERY DAY.  I sense the ever presence of that undefined something that always IS, no matter what I think, say or do. You...

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