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G’Day Gratitude

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 in All-One, Blogging As My Spiritual Practice, Holy Spirit Abroad | 4 comments

G’Day Gratitude

Hello my friends.  It has been a few weeks since I last connected with you and I have missed you.  I miss sitting still and listening to my heart as I share.  There is something quite precious about writing from the heart knowing that there are those who could be listening…………..perhaps even my own self. I have recently returned from a rather lovely trip to Australia. Those of you who know me know this is more a returning home than a vacation. My husband is Australian and both of our daughters were born in Australia. We were going this time for a family (army family!)...

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10. Day 12: Let Debt Inspire

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in All-One, Encouragement, Fear of Fear Itself | 2 comments

10. Day 12:  Let Debt Inspire

This morning I woke up with fear itself sitting on my chest, whispering in my ear “It’s time to pay the Piper”.  I listened for awhile, hanging my head in agreement, thinking this amounted to extending love and being with but I still felt hounded, a little breathless and a tad guilty.  I mean I did just declare by my very actions that it is AOK to take off on a trip for seven weeks to do business certainly but there was a lot of eating, drinking and making merry.  I should pay for this, right?  I certainly should pay my credit card debt and I should redouble my daily...

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10. Day 8 & 9: What Does Work Have To Do With It?

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Fear Itself | 0 comments

10. Day 8 & 9:  What Does Work Have To Do With It?

Ok.  I admit it.  It is kind of hard returning to work after being away for so long.  Not hard in an impossible way but hard in a “I don’t actually remember how to” way.  I literally do not quite remember how we fit so many things into a 24 hour period each day in the past.  Even though we fit tons of cool things into each day (even including maintenance) on our adventure in England I can’t remember how to work, or even, if I am to be completely honest, what “work” even means.   I can’t quite remember what my part is.  It is almost like I am being...

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9. Day 30: Penultimate Joy

Posted by on Dec 30, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Living Joy, Poetry | 0 comments

9. Day 30:  Penultimate Joy

Today is the day before the day before our last day……it was our great joy to spend the day with a dear friend on his way home from Antwerp.  I am so full of love, amazement and wonder after our day at the Victoria & Albert Museum that I can barely think or write.  To have loved ones, beauty and time to enjoy both is heaven on earth. Suffice it to say the marvel, beauty, mass and variety at the museum scraped me clean of superlatives and even words. “Cusp of Eternity” I think I will never again need words in quite the same way More is another way of saying Here,...

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9. Day 29: What I Have Learned From Taking 7 Weeks Off

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9. Day 29:  What I Have Learned From Taking 7 Weeks Off

What have I learned from taking seven weeks off from our normal daily life? 1.  There is no such thing as taking off from daily life. (life and the dailiness continues, just differently) 2.  Life continues too, abundantly 3.  The trip really began when we allowed ourselves to think it was possible (this began in intention over a year ago, in reality over six months ago) 4.  It all started with this thought:  We’d love to return to England. 5.  We can only take off from our businesses because we have an incredible, trustworthy, capable team taking care of day to day business 6.  I miss...

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