10. Day 8 & 9: What Does Work Have To Do With It?

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10. Day 8 & 9:  What Does Work Have To Do With It?

Ok.  I admit it.  It is kind of hard returning to work after being away for so long.  Not hard in an impossible way but hard in a “I don’t actually remember how to” way.  I literally do not quite remember how we fit so many things into a 24 hour period each day in the past.  Even though we fit tons of cool things into each day (even including maintenance) on our adventure in England I can’t remember how to work, or even, if I am to be completely honest, what “work” even means.   I can’t quite remember what my part is.  It is almost like I am being called into a new part and the old one has disappeared but the new one is not quite here.  I do not feel particularly fearful about this but I am experiencing a bit of displacement with no real urge to jump back into what was.  I feel more the pull of attracting a new way of working, allowing my heart to be fully integrated into my working day.  This has been my aim all along but our being gone nearly two months has allowed me to truly see how we operate from day to day and I can see a better way of being on the horizon.  It is just not here yet, fully formed.  It is ok to wait. Holy Spirit added this to my heart this morning.

Chatsworth stairs

Waiting for the path to show me the way.

HS:  Trust your present, daily desires; see to house, home, and property, office and finances.  All these things truly form the foundation of your working energy. Notice how these provide and maintain the foundation from which you are able to work and create.  I provide the ultimate foundation of love, strength, power, tenderness and peace.  Let these flow and strengthen you in every moment.

Me:  I will extend love by being here with my feelings of displacement for however long I need to.  All is well.  What does work have to do with it?  All I need to do is allow the path to show me the way.

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