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12. Day 25: A Crash Course In Feeling(s)

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Feeling(s), Holy Dictionary, Veil Sale | 2 comments

12. Day 25:  A Crash Course In Feeling(s)

Feeling is another dimension.  It is what is present underneath all that you are thinking, seeing, noticing.  It is that animal of light that shines warmth on your belly and releases a thousand, thousand butterflies into your chest.  This presence of “more” is a live currant running through every cell of your body, not just nerve endings in your fingertips and gut.  Feeling can thrash you, uplift you, transport and transform your experience in less time than the spark of electric charge that the brains sends to say “blink” to your eye. Feeling lets you know wordlessly...

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9. Day 17: The Office Is Leaking……Joy?

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9. Day 17:  The Office Is Leaking……Joy?

Another call in the middle of the night gave us a renewed opportunity to be present, admit powerlessness on the one hand and all joy, peace, and trust on the other hand.  California has been experiencing drought conditions for the past nearly two years.  Our rainfall has been scant, we have been on segregated watering days and even the Mercedes Benz service department has ceased offering a car-washing service for owners due to water restrictions.  We don’t get served water at restaurants unless requested and though old trees are being watered, the grass around our Capitol is being...

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8. Day 6: Where Peace & Calm Are Lounging

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Not-Knowing | 0 comments

8. Day 6:  Where Peace & Calm Are Lounging

Yesterday was one of those days that you wonder how on earth you got there in the first place and how will you make it to the end of the day in a state of anything coming close to wholeness.  We are flying to London in a week for an extended time of work, sabbatical and wonder.  But first there is an important conference to attend in Los Angeles.  What fertile ground for the practice of not-knowing.  I faced yesterday in such a state of not-knowing (spilled over from the previous day of not-knowing) that I almost had to laugh as I looked at the day’s list which included changing dinner...

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4. Day 31: This Post Rated XXX

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Letting Go, Veil Sale | 4 comments

4. Day 31: This Post Rated XXX

I think the biggest lesson I have experienced in extending love to letting go is seeing that I truly have everything I need in every moment.  Not as in a platitude but in reality.  I have everything I need because my heart is everything I need. In my heart are desires, guidance, delights and I need but follow them and I end up experiencing peace in the midst of whatever is going on.  This past weekend we packed and were ready to drive to Los Angeles on business.  We went out to the garage to get out my husband’s car and this is what we found: Whoa!!  This rather makes it impossible to...

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1. Day 21: Commitment, a Difference of Opinion

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in All-One, Holy Spirit Says, Inner Guidance | 2 comments

1. Day 21:  Commitment, a Difference of Opinion

I spoke yesterday of the onslaught of experiences being sustained by my nearest and dearest.  This gives me a perfect opportunity to extend love to my fear of commitment.  Here is where commitment, in my opinion, goes awry.   I am fully committed to my beloved partner of 30 plus years.  I also am beginning to be fully committed to my own heart.  So what happens when we see things differently and want to approach how to help someone in distress in totally different ways? Here is the very helpful answer from Holy Spirit, one that I will return to again and again when opinions differ amongst...

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