1. Day 21: Commitment, a Difference of Opinion

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1. Day 21:  Commitment, a Difference of Opinion

I spoke yesterday of the onslaught of experiences being sustained by my nearest and dearest.  This gives me a perfect opportunity to extend love to my fear of commitment.  Here is where commitment, in my opinion, goes awry.   I am fully committed to my beloved partner of 30 plus years.  I also am beginning to be fully committed to my own heart.  So what happens when we see things differently and want to approach how to help someone in distress in totally different ways?

Here is the very helpful answer from Holy Spirit, one that I will return to again and again when opinions differ amongst those I love.

Me:  I feel in him a difference of opinion as to how to help, what do I do about that?

HS:  Trust him.

Be with him.

Hold a space that includes his way of handling this experience.

Love him.

Trust him.

Me:  So we don’t have to present a “united front” so to speak?

HS:  Presenting a united front is not the same as the truth that you are all already joined.  As you join with the awareness of Love’s Presence and feel into that, you will hold a very real space for awareness in your brother to grow.

Fear not the variety of thoughts and opinions that flourish.  None of them matter as much as your dedication to your awareness that Love/ the infinite Divine/ Truth & Peace is fully PRESENT in all things.

 No matter what is happening, Love is happening.

Trust this and ask in each moment and in each step to be shown Love.

As you extend love you will see All-Is-Love configuring and reconfiguring for the greatest benefit to truth.

Love is kind.

The Universe is kind.

Truth is kind.

What is hard is ignoring these truths.  The pain you experience in seeing loved ones hurt is the feeling “you must decide for them”.

The truth is, you do not need to decide anything but how to express truth, love, peace and joy.

Be with them where they are.

They know what to do.

In being in Love’s Presence they will intuit how.

Me:  I don’t like it when a loved one is hurt—it is hard to see hurt AND to know I can’t do anything.

HSPrecious One,

Nothing Rocks

Nothing Rocks

It is time you understood the power of doing nothing.

When you stand in both witness and kindness, being and tenderness, awareness and gentleness no more is needed.

In this expanded awareness of the infinite qualities of love all are nurtured, cared for, heard and protected.

Love is always the Way.

No other way is actually possible.

In this remembrance all things re-lax, re-align, re-move, re-group and re-member.

All is well in Love.

Only Love exists.

This is the truth.


  1. Beautiful!!!
    I am grateful for this message and for you.

    • Thank you for your faithful reading and joining in extending love to our fears. xoxo

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