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11. Day 3: Breathe & Always ASK

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11. Day 3:  Breathe & Always ASK

I am continuing my bid to extend love to my fear of success (which feels much like a bear breathing down my neck) through reading a well-known and respected book about success by Jack Canfield (“The Success Principles”).  I have had the privilege of hearing him speak twice at the BNI International Conference.  Most recently in November of last year.  It is seeing and hearing him that is giving me the willingness to persevere in the face of a type of book that usually leaves me nauseated or overwhelmed or both. Jack Canfield was a complete joy to hear.  He spoke from such a wide...

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6. Day 7: How Do I Clarify The Signal?

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6. Day 7:  How Do I Clarify The Signal?

If I want to go beyond feeling tiredness I must feel something else.  What else is there?  Peace.  I would love to really feel peace within and through my body as well as in my heart.  If the body is a communication device as A Course In Miracles says then what is my body communicating?  It feels like it is communicating old thoughts:  tired, slow, low energy, slow metabolism, sluggishness.  Maybe I don’t have any idea what could help me feel the truth of myself as Love in my body; whole, light, energy, harmony, happiness and joy. Holy Spirit, help me with my practice of feeling the...

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3. Day 27: Guilt, The Greatest Call For Love

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3. Day 27:  Guilt, The Greatest Call For Love

Me:  Holy Spirit, what IS the purpose of guilt? HS:  Precious One, The purpose of guilt is threefold:   to close your eyes to grace to dampen your spirit to forget the truth   Guilt uses all thinking to accomplish this; everything you have ever thought, done, not thought or not done.  Guilt is the great God covering, making it appear you are separate from God.  You don’t  question it because you can see its’ effects in the world; even though there is great beauty so much is left undone, so much unfairness, so much pain and hurt. Guilt is NOT TRUE.  Guilt is NOT TRUTH.  Guilt is...

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3. Day 22: Ask Or Be-little?

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3. Day 22:  Ask Or Be-little?

I notice that still, in certain circumstances, I make myself less-than or highlight my fear qualities (including, perhaps especially with, guilt) in order to make another feel equal or safe. (Or am I making myself feel safe and equal???)  Is this necessary?  Is it meeting someone where they are or am I kidding myself?  How do I remain true to Love’s Vastness and to my own local self and brother too?   HS:  Ask. Ask in the moment. Ask in quiet time. Ask your brother. Ask. Ask. Ask. ASK. When you feel this tendency to be-little yourself ask: “How can I remain whole...

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2. Day 16: Oh Joy. Oh Crap.

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2. Day 16:  Oh Joy. Oh Crap.

Today’s fear in the “21 Fear Salute” is ever present in each one of us.  It may be what is behind the two-year old declaring “I DO IT MYSELF!” as much as it is behind the 40 year old Mom cursing under her breath “I always have to do everything myself!”  Why are we so afraid to ask for help?  What do we think this says about us? That we are losers?  weenies? hopeless & ill plan-worthy?  Or is the fear of asking for help serving a deeper purpose?   7. Fear of Asking for Help The fear of asking for help is also about my own desire to control...

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