3. Day 22: Ask Or Be-little?

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3. Day 22:  Ask Or Be-little?

I notice that still, in certain circumstances, I make myself less-than or highlight my fear qualities (including, perhaps especially with, guilt) in order to make another feel equal or safe. (Or am I making myself feel safe and equal???)  Is this necessary?  Is it meeting someone where they are or am I kidding myself?  How do I remain true to Love’s Vastness and to my own local self and brother too?


HS Ask.

Ask in the moment.

Ask in quiet time.

Ask your brother.





When you feel this tendency to be-little yourself ask:

“How can I remain whole here?”  

“What would be most helpful?”  

“What is true for me in this moment?”

Me:  Recently a conversation left me feeling dissipated and distracted like I had highjacked myself leaving me nearly incapable of going on with my writing.  Why do I do that, what can I do differently?

You have the opportunity to say no even to yourself.

HS:  Dearest One, you must allow yourself to notice your own choices.  You have the opportunity to say no even to yourself.  You are under no obligation to follow every impulse. You are the one that creates a working space.  Yes, there are days when other things happen but you learn how and when to return to the work at hand.  See that you were curious about something said and followed that curiosity.  

You can say no, even to yourself.

You can say no, even to yourself.

It is not your job to make others feel whole.  It is your job to recognize your own wholeness.

It is not your job to return them to happy.  It is your job to know your own happiness.  

It is not your job to worry, face down, try to change the mind of another.  Your job is to change your own mind from judgment and reaction to loving and responding in love.  

You are not your brother’s (or sister’s) keeper, Love does that for you. You are the sole owner of your own powerful self.

Regret does not serve you.  See the beauty that you get to choose again.  Trust your heart. Trust your brother’s heart.  Trust me.


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