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Living Guidance

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in All-One, Holy Spirit Says | 0 comments

Living Guidance

This year my husband and I made a vow to invite spaciousness into our days and weeks (minding our schedule, daily meditation, listening to our own desires).  Last year was so full, so very intense that we all but crawled into 2016.  We declared January is for napping.  As we moved back into our busy days and weeks I began to feel concern that we were going down the road of busy and exhaustion once more so I sought guidance from Holy Spirit. Me:  I am feeling apprehensive in betting busy again.  How will the busyness feel and how will we manage our health (& well being)?  Can we be both...

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12. Day 12: The Wanting

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Feeling(s) | 0 comments

12. Day 12:  The Wanting

My friend Beth Misner spoke at a Women of Faith Breakfast I held several years ago and said about her often frenetically paced life,  “I decided that I am not busy but that I have a full life with a meaningful schedule”.  That thought really stuck with me and on a deeper level has been working from within me to produce the miraculous change of a similar feeling.  I am not at the mercy of my schedule or even my desires.  I have learned (through continuing daily practice) that my life and schedule are not something happening to me but are a direct response to my connection to my...

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5. Day 19: Holy Spirit Is My [Thought] Shepard

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in All-One, Fear of EVERY DAY | 2 comments

5. Day 19:  Holy Spirit Is My [Thought] Shepard

This day I have woken with unbearable, tear crowded exhaustion.  I still walked ( plodded actually) but only (!) because of my commitment to EVERY DAY.  It felt good to walk but the heavy weariness remains.  After protein drink, meditation and tea on the porch, a whole cluster of wild thoughts duked it out while I was in the bath.  I managed to capture them on my phone.  I will share them here, not to exhaust you but for us to see how even when stuck in the middle of a wild herd of thoughts Holy Spirit can make itself heard if we but ASK (and even when we don’t ask actually;). Me:...

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5. Day 4: Walk With Me

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 in All-One, Fear of EVERY DAY, Holy Spirit Says | 4 comments

5. Day 4:  Walk With Me

I am really feeling the end of weeks, nay months, of constant importance of right now (weddings, graduations, commissioning, reunions, travels etc).  I feel ready to be done with it. There have been so many important, wonderful events, visits, transitions and they are taking their toll of sorts.  I can’t quite express it but a lot of seeming “once in a lifetime” feelings have left me feeling rather worn out.  Not necessarily in the sense of ‘I don’t want them to happen’ but my own excitement and way of responding leaves me feeling depleted. The rise of...

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4. Day 19: Let Go OH NO!

Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Letting Go | 2 comments

4. Day 19:   Let Go OH NO!

Letting go today was all about letting go of my old friend panic.  Every time I thought “OH NO!” (Oh no, I’m not ready/ Oh no, I’m too busy and I don’t have enough time/ Oh no, it’s NOT time to eat again/ Oh no, I’m too tired for this now) in prepping for meetings, Crocker tours, writing a blog post, wondering what we would have for dinner I let go (again) of “Oh NO!!”  It became my mantra today “LET GO OH NO/ LET GO OH NO/ LET GO OH NO”.  I am grateful for this practice even though (especially) it shows me how I cling to...

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