5. Day 19: Holy Spirit Is My [Thought] Shepard

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5. Day 19:  Holy Spirit Is My [Thought] Shepard

This day I have woken with unbearable, tear crowded exhaustion.  I still walked ( plodded actually) but only (!) because of my commitment to EVERY DAY.  It felt good to walk but the heavy weariness remains.  After protein drink, meditation and tea on the porch, a whole cluster of wild thoughts duked it out while I was in the bath.  I managed to capture them on my phone.  I will share them here, not to exhaust you but for us to see how even when stuck in the middle of a wild herd of thoughts Holy Spirit can make itself heard if we but ASK (and even when we don’t ask actually;).

Me:  Conflict of goodness and responsibilities:  this is what exhausts me endlessly.  I feel the conflict of responsibilities to;  my self, my partner, children, family, home, friends, business associates, museum, community, nation, world earth, time, money…………….

I want to know what is best for who in any given moment?  How to decide?  Ho do you feel this?  How can I hear HS here?

(at this point, even on my phone I could see it, HS lovingly stepped in because I ASKED)

HS:  Guidance is for all.

Trust in any guidance you receive and follow it.  

I AM working all things together for good.  

I am the savior of your heart for I AM your heart.  

There is only ONE heart.  

Trust the guidance you ask for and are given.  

Ask for peace to show the way.

Think to yourself what guidance your heart is giving you that you may be ignoring.  Hold that in your awareness then read again this message from Holy Spirit and move into trusting and following your heart’s guidance.


  1. This is so much me too, Eva, I have a dear friend, Shannon who is going through a lot at this moment. I hope it was okay that I sent this along to her, I feel it will bless her. Love, Mary

    • Mary, please feel free to share my blog with anyone you wish, the more the merrier! xo

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