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9. Day 14: Joy In “Muddy Boots Welcome”

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9. Day 14:  Joy In “Muddy Boots Welcome”

One of the biggest surprises in coming to England has been in discovering walking; what I thought it was, what it is here and the huge gap in between.  You may remember that I started walking daily as inspired by Holy Spirit, long before even deciding to go on this trip.  Not ever registering as an athlete of any kind, walking suited me in that I do it naturally therefore “walking” as health encouraging exersize seemed an obvious next step (pun intended;).  I have been walking 2-3 miles a day for over six months.  My walking started not as a bid for bodily health exactly but as a...

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7. Day 24: The Reveal

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7. Day 24:  The Reveal

I have noticed that honesty does not usually work alone.  There is an expression of quiet, sometimes nearly imperceptible, when we go within and let honesty reveal itself.  Honesty reveals what is already present.  Why am I so afraid to have what is already present revealed? I mean, if it is already present, what more can happen if I just notice this?  Am I afraid more will be asked of me that I do not have to give? Honesty IS what I have to give.  If I can allow myself this gift my days and nights and everything in between are enriched with gentleness, kindness, strength and ease.  What is...

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5. Day 10: He Walks With Me

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5. Day 10:  He Walks With Me

My sweetheart has joined me on my morning walk (he runs ahead, then back, and runs ahead again) and now I have both quiet time and company.  At first I was worried I would end up talking (talking…..talking….) but thankfully, since it is yet early when we walk  and we are both in the slow of the day, I still experience that quiet I need so. EVERY DAY I get to walk with myself (and now my husband) and our Holy Self is here too.  The nature of our morning time really speaks to my heart in a healing and whole way.  This quote from the wonderful Mary Magdalene Within (a beautiful...

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5. Day 7: A Teaspoon Of Eternity

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5. Day 7:  A Teaspoon Of Eternity

My walk this morning was another day of “just doing it”.  The movement, breathing and increased heart rate did seem to bring me back to life a bit after waking feeling tired.  Here is something I noticed, I didn’t spend any time deciding whether to walk or not.  the decision was made back at the beginning with these two words:  EVERY DAY. Every day is seeming less and less onerous.  I am glimpsing that EVERY DAY is a teaspoon of eternity. Just enough to give us a taste but not so much to overwhelm. This quote I read recently in the wonderful novel by Jaqueline Winspear...

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5. Day 6: Walk Without Thinking

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5. Day 6:  Walk Without Thinking

My walk today was lovely.  I walked without thought.  For a confirmed thinker, this alone is new bliss.  I realized I can “just walk” without thinking about walking.  I know those reading this are giggling in your coffee (or tea) but there is very little I do without the awareness of thinking about what I am doing.  Driving is a good example.  I have to think of where all the other cars are in relation to me, I must calculate the odds of me getting distracted and plummeting to my death over the  side of the bridge (or cliff edge if we are in the mountains).  I have to spend the...

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