5. Day 7: A Teaspoon Of Eternity

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5. Day 7:  A Teaspoon Of Eternity

My walk this morning was another day of “just doing it”.  The movement, breathing and increased heart rate did seem to bring me back to life a bit after waking feeling tired.  Here is something I noticed, I didn’t spend any time deciding whether to walk or not.  the decision was made back at the beginning with these two words:  EVERY DAY.

Every day is seeming less and less onerous.  I am glimpsing that EVERY DAY is a teaspoon of eternity.

Just enough to give us a taste but not so much to overwhelm.

This quote I read recently in the wonderful novel by Jaqueline Winspear written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI really captured the essence of both EVERY DAY and doing it first:

“On the morning of her wedding day Mrs. Marchant slipped the grand sum of five pounds into her daughter’s hand, “Keep a nest egg, Kezia, your private money. Keep it safe and add to it, if you can, but never let it go. A woman needs money of her own, as much as she requires time beyond the home. Start as you mean to go, Kezia, dear. Claim what you require at the beginning with no explanation, and beyond that day you will never have to account for yourself, as long as the house is a good house, the food is on the table, and your husband sleeps well at night.”— “The Care & Management of Lies” by Jaqueline Winspear

So I am claiming to myself a walk with myself/Holy Spirit first thing each and EVERY DAY.  Blessings are already bunching up along the corridors of my awareness.


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