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12. Day 16: This Glorious Process

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015 in All-One, Encouragement, Fear of Feeling(s) | 0 comments

12. Day 16:  This Glorious Process

I am nearing the end of my Twelvemonth.  I began posting April 1, 2014; April Fool’s Day just seemed the perfect place to begin.  I know I have many projects, writing and otherwise that will come forth in the coming months.  I know I will continue posting but as yet do not have an idea of exactly how much or what it will look like.  It is like looking at a very soft focus photograph, I can see the shapes and colors but not the details.  I asked Holy Spirit what I needed to know at this time as I move toward completion of this particular phase of the Twelvemonth of Self Love project....

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12. Day 4: A Sensitive Issue

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12. Day 4:  A Sensitive Issue

Extending love to feeling and feelings is a departure for me.  Sure, I can extend love to thoughts all day long.  Even though thoughts in this case are everything I am aware of.  See, that’s the thing.  I am not really aware of my feelings.  I am aware of sadness, happiness, despair and crossness but feeling those things is different.  I have trained myself (not very well actually) to ignore my own feelings because I have also trained myself to be acutely aware of other people’s feelings.  When my daughter was ill several years ago she would put her head against mine and say...

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8. Day 2: The Little House In The Woods

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8. Day 2: The Little House In The Woods

Let’s get comfortable for a moment with not-knowing something.  Think of something you don’t know (how a TV works or what is that fuzzy bit of lump in the bottom of your handbag or if your work is really satisfying) and just notice how you feel.  Do you want to ferret around in your bag and get that thing OUT?  Do you want to Google ‘TV’ and see if they can explain how the color dots fly through the air and into your set?  Is you mind now wondering why you ever decided owning a business was a good idea?  Or can you just be quiet and welcome not-knowing? Let’s do...

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5. Day 9: You Are Love-Able EVERY DAY

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5. Day 9:  You Are Love-Able EVERY DAY

It feels like I have barely had time to look directly at my fear of EVERY DAY.  I have been walking every day (to be honest I did miss one day due to traveling but let the joy of letting go allow that to be exactly perfect sans guilt of any kind).  I feel something important is creeping into my periphery, I can feel it’s presence but can’t quite see it. Me:  What would you like to tell me about EVERY DAY and why I fear it or want to argue with it (or ignore it or even flatly refuse it?) HS:  Precious One, Thank you for taking time to be with your willingness in this way.  Your...

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3. Day 17: Ready, Willing & Able

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3. Day 17:  Ready, Willing & Able

What is a practice I can do to let go of my attraction to guilt?  How can I express harmlessness to my self? HS:  Dearest One, You are doing this right now.  Your continued willingness to ask and listen literally is creating pathways of open communication from Divine into current awareness in this visible world you see to be in.  You have already begun to notice and be aware of a practice that will allow you to let go of the need for guilt. The practice of harmlessness to your body will bring your awareness alive on a cellular level.  Your body lives to communicate my love for you;  let it...

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