8. Day 2: The Little House In The Woods

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8. Day 2: The Little House In The Woods

Let’s get comfortable for a moment with not-knowing something.  Think of something you don’t know (how a TV works or what is that fuzzy bit of lump in the bottom of your handbag or if your work is really satisfying) and just notice how you feel.  Do you want to ferret around in your bag and get that thing OUT?  Do you want to Google ‘TV’ and see if they can explain how the color dots fly through the air and into your set?  Is you mind now wondering why you ever decided owning a business was a good idea?  Or can you just be quiet and welcome not-knowing?

Let’s do this together.  I, for one, do not know how this blog post will end.  I am ok with that.  It is right here, in this space that contains both knowing and not-knowing where Spirit happens.  Notice the quiet.  Notice your thoughts. Notice that there are things you know and things you do not know.  Let this be ok right now.

Imagine a big soup pot bubbling away on the stove at your nana’s house.  It smells good but you have no idea what is in there.  Halloween was just a couple of days ago, there could be eye of newt or crushed up left-over Snicker’s bars for all you know.  But it doesn’t matter because you trust your nana.  Let’s extend trust and comfort to not-knowing.

Do you feel that there is just a little bit more space around your questions?  Ahhhhhh………not-knowing is not about knowing or not, it is about stillness and the willingness to be still.

Here (now), is the real not-knowing; it is in the power of stillness, willingness and trust.  In this place what you thought you would get from knowing is already here.  So then, it is possible not-knowing is part of Love too.

Take a few moments and focus on the photograph below.  Take a few deep breaths and relax.  This house is full to overflowing with not-knowing.  Imagine you put all your questions in the house and just stepped outside for a bit. Notice that there is space and color and trees outside and your questions and all the things you don’t know are still inside and completely ok.  You are outside joining the Wholeness that contains it all.  Let this feeling of Wholeness waft through you, sink into it.  Do you see that you don’t have to know in order to feel safe and whole?

Spend as much time as you like here in the little house in the woods.  I’m just going to close my eyes and join you……………………………

Not-knowing is a part of Wholeness.


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