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11. Day 24: All Paths Are Blessed

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11. Day 24:  All Paths Are Blessed

One of the things that dissuades me from fully inhabiting success is the feeling that I would have to leave something or someone behind and I never like to leave anyone (or anything if my garage is anything to go on) behind.  Like the success principle I referred to yesterday about letting go of negative people in your life helps move you toward your own positivity and success.  But perhaps there is something else going on. Me:  Holy Spirit, please speak to this worry of mine that someone or something will be left out or hurt if success is present. HS:  Be still my beating heart. Fear not...

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11. Day 13: It’s What Love Would Do

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11. Day 13:  It’s What Love Would Do

I have a dear and good friend who is my soul’s mirror, my holy witness and agitator without whom I would never see wholly.  This one is a gift beyond measure (and you know I, now, truly adore and am uplifted by measure).  I have the joy and privilege of being able to be my whole, unadulterated, untidy, unwitting self when we are together.  I find this One in all I meet…….if I but allow it.  We learn how to love and be loved limitedly one step, hug and glance at a time until we can bear to allow and entertain the true unlimited  nature of the Love that we are. Today these...

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9. Day 21: Joy Is God-speed

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9. Day 21: Joy Is God-speed

The siege in a cafe in the CBD in Sydney last week by a Muslim radical has led to a flurry of Muslim/anti-Muslim interviews, news stories here in the UK and overheard casual commentary on trains and in coffee houses.  The act of violence and spectacle again raises the issue of conflict, distrust and even hatred between “us” and “them”.  This fear and distrust is uncomfortable especially when it is in your face.  I noticed while traveling by train from Lancaster to London on surely one of the busiest train travel days of the year (the weekend before Christmas) a large...

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9. Day 10: Joy Coughs Up The Truth

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9. Day 10:  Joy Coughs Up The Truth

I have heard joy is an inside job which is true and reasonable yet still is a bit challenging to find/see/be aware of joy when circumstances say otherwise (pain, sadness, cold, coughing fit).  It is not so much that I am not joyful it is just that the pain/cough etc is so loud I don’t hear joy.  Since I am really noticing my awareness (or lack thereof) of joy this month I quickly notice if I am not feeling joy.  Yesterday we went for a glorious walk on the moor to a place called Boot’s Folly, a four story stone structure built in the middle of a wide paddock filled with sheep....

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8. Day 14: Why Takes A Holiday

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8. Day 14:  Why Takes A Holiday

I need to know why.  Why??!!!  My husband asks “How?”  Together we want to know.  And this is the month of extending love to Not-Knowing.  How perfect is it then that we get to be in a brand new, yet ancient place.  We have now arrived in London and woken to rain.  Rain, alone, washed away my usual need to know “why?”  Coming from such drought in California it is such a glorious gift and joy just to see gray skies and hear the rain drops steadily on the roof I am deliciously immersed in the present moment.  I think, for me, why includes past, present and future...

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