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8. Day 30: Not-Knowing Is A Practice

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8. Day 30:  Not-Knowing Is A Practice

It has been thirty days today since I began my month of extending love to Not-Knowing.  Early on I realized that in order for my fear of Not-Knowing to evaporate I would have to see Not-Knowing as Friend, rather than impenetrable abyss for me to experience any degree of comfort or trust.  One of the main things I have discovered is that Not-Knowing is a practice, rather than a thing, person or event.  In the presence of Not-Knowing, all things actually are both possible and present.  The practice of Not-Knowing is me moving into the spaciousness that is my birthright, in the middle of all...

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8. Day 29: How Can I Be Ordinary In This Moment?

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8. Day 29:  How Can I Be Ordinary In This Moment?

I wrote a few days ago about the luxury of ordinary.  This message of ordinary keeps blessing us daily.  There is something very powerful in asking the question:  “How can I be ordinary in this moment?”  It immediately frees you from figuring out how to be the best, or the fastest or thriftiest.  It allows you to connect to being more that accomplishing.  This is quite a feat when you have traveled ten thousand miles to a destination and then have the audacity to be ordinary.  I think it is our way of listening to our hearts.  It is what I most wanted from our trip, to practice,...

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8. Day 28: Hedgerow Meditation

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8. Day 28:  Hedgerow Meditation

We had the greatest exercise in extending love to Not-Knowing yesterday.  We drove (and drove and drove) on ever narrowing country roads. It was like driving in a giant labyrinth.  The hedgerows were close to both sides of the car and just high enough you couldn’t really see over.  We could see the sky, the road, the hedgerows, each other and that was about it.  Unless you count the cat scurrying for a presumed field mouse and the flock of pheasants that disappeared into the hedge at a crossroads.  Did we really need to know more? Even though it seemed impossible at each crossroad...

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8. Day 27: Happy Thanks-being

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8. Day 27:  Happy Thanks-being

Giving thanks is a bit of a misnomer.  We are not giving thanks in exchange for our circumstances.  What we truly want is to BE thankfulness, to be giving, to be welcome and comfort and peace.  Giving thanks is for beginners, and it is a wonderful place to begin.  It is easy to give thanks for all you love; for family, home and work, for country, freedom and safety.  How do you give thanks for what you don’t love; the pain, the loneliness, the guilt?  So what is different, deeper about being thanks?  Just as Not-Knowing is a quality of Love, so being thanks is extending a quality of...

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8. Day 26: A Week In The Country: Panic Bypass

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8. Day 26:  A Week In The Country:  Panic Bypass

We have now slowed our pace to country time, surely just another way of saying Not-Knowing.   We arrived with great plans and after a brilliant day in Port Isaac, which some of you may know as Port Wehn in TV series Doc Martin, we have gravitated to real, local and ordinary and, dare I say it out loud, slow.  We drive through the countryside with no particular destination.  We pause and walk through the graveyard of a not very old in local terms  (still pushing 300 years!) church and contemplate the nature of time.  We have been to the post office in Holsworthy three times to mail post...

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