8. Day 29: How Can I Be Ordinary In This Moment?

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8. Day 29:  How Can I Be Ordinary In This Moment?

I wrote a few days ago about the luxury of ordinary.  This message of ordinary keeps blessing us daily.  There is something very powerful in asking the question:  “How can I be ordinary in this moment?”  It immediately frees you from figuring out how to be the best, or the fastest or thriftiest.  It allows you to connect to being more that accomplishing.  This is quite a feat when you have traveled ten thousand miles to a destination and then have the audacity to be ordinary.  I think it is our way of listening to our hearts.  It is what I most wanted from our trip, to practice, together, just listening to our hearts and the guidance therein.  For this reason we chose not to go the the unique town that is owned by a family (only three different families since the Norman Conquest).  It is the same reason we stayed home a couple of days and just took walks and ate scones and cheese for tea instead of venturing out.  This allowing and welcoming the ordinary is balm to our tired selves.  In this space of ordinary, everything is gift.  I think what is happening is that extraordinary is becoming our ordinary. It is extraordinary to hear and trust our inner guidance.  It is even more extraordinary to follow it without argument.

This sense of wonder in the ordinary is something I can take home that won’t ruin our luggage allowance.  I feel like it is what the ancients meant when they said to live well you must prepare to die.  My friend Bartholomew opened my eyes to ordinary.  Read on.

Good morning!

Good morning!

“The safety you are seeking is inside.  Be ordinary; simple uncomplicated, letting go of your drive to be right, one up, admired or approved of.  It is enough to be yourself.  In letting go, your bound up energy is released.”—–Reflections Of An Elder Brother, Bartholomew

I am hoping that as this bound up energy is released, “I” will feel more energetic personally.  Actually, I think this is happening.  I am looking for ordinary energy, and, voila!, I have exactly the energy I need.  This quote from Bartholomew hits the nail on the head:

“When you turn your awareness inward over and over, the inner life begins to reveal itself.  You must find ongoing moments to go within and find the strength, see the light and feel the love.”—–Reflections Of An Elder Brother, Bartholomew

So, go ahead ask yourself how can you be ordinary in this moment.  See what happens.  See if this feels freeing in an unexpected way.  Maybe this is the greatest lesson of Not-Knowing, being ordinary.

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