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12. Day 3: Feeling; The Divine Mother Lode

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12. Day 3:  Feeling; The Divine Mother Lode

Holy Friend, Thank you for this time, this morning.  Help me hear and abide in that place of quiet where words are not needed for feeling communicates as completely (if not more so).  I am able to go within and know your Voice, hear guidance, truth and get clarity.  But perhaps there is a deeper place of the abundance that Love is that can only be accessed and inhabited with the thing we call feeling. Help me develop this muscle or become at one with this depth.  I don’t even really know what to ask for.  I will trust that you will show me the way.  You know my life, household, dreams...

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11. Day 2: The Language Of Success

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11. Day 2:  The Language Of Success

I am at the “just noticing” stage of my fear of success.  One of the things that drew my attention was the language of success.  The words you use to describe success, the attitude behind success or the results of success all have a familiar ring.  There are certain qualities we tend to think of when we contemplate success, either our own or another’s.  It is not just a goal has been met (though that is part of it), or money has been made (thought this is a common measure) or that it is recognized (again, this often feels a part of this process called success). Because I am...

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10. Day 4: Fear Of Fear Itself?

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10. Day 4:  Fear Of Fear Itself?

My daughter brought me to a standstill one day in London when I was saying that I was afraid of riding the incredibly long escalator in the Underground.  She said “You are afraid. Full stop.  You don’t need to add “of what”.”  Oh.  I always kind of thought the “of” rather justified and explained the fear.  I suppose that it isn’t really necessary to define the how and why of the fear.  A sense of fear is a coiling, blurring, resisting energy that blocks my awareness of Love’s Presence.  It is the form that draws my attention.  I have been...

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9. Day 3: Joy Is Ordinary, Ordinary Is Joy

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9. Day 3:  Joy Is Ordinary, Ordinary Is Joy

I have a feeling that joy is quite connected to the ordinary.  Can you tell me/show me what is meant by being ordinary? HS:  Dearest One, the practice of ordinary is the practice of noticing, allowing and being what is true about you all the time. Ordinary is what is always true, no exceptions. Ordinary is the rock upon which you build your life. Ordinary is what the universe is. Ordinary is what IS. You long sought extraordinary as a way to tell yourself you are better what what is.  It is a fool’s game which leaves players exhausted, lost, traumatized and forgetful.  Extraordinary is...

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9. Day 2: Joy Sings

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9. Day 2:  Joy Sings

This new month of extending love that I may experience joy is unfolding already with the unexpected.  We are staying this week with a dear friend in Norwich who drove us all home from a meeting in London yesterday (2 1/2 hours on the M5). It was a grand and long day that was not yet finished when we finally arrived in Norwich.  We went directly to choir practice.  I haven’t sung in a choir since I was in middle school.  This was a non professional choir rehearsing for a charity event coming up in a couple of weeks for Red Balloon Learner Center (a marvelous group who offer specialized...

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