12. Day 3: Feeling; The Divine Mother Lode

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12. Day 3:  Feeling; The Divine Mother Lode

Holy Friend,

Thank you for this time, this morning.  Help me hear and abide in that place of quiet where words are not needed for feeling communicates as completely (if not more so).  I am able to go within and know your Voice, hear guidance, truth and get clarity.  But perhaps there is a deeper place of the abundance that Love is that can only be accessed and inhabited with the thing we call feeling.

Help me develop this muscle or become at one with this depth.  I don’t even really know what to ask for.  I will trust that you will show me the way.  You know my life, household, dreams and desires.  What and how does feeling add flavor and dimension?  Also, please give me the words, ultimately and eventually to convey what we all may collectively be afraid to feel; namely that powerful, intrinsic force field pulsating with and powered only by the Love that we all are.

This seems ambitious, grandiose even, but utterly necessary.  Feelings must be the gateway drug to Feeling.  The question is; what to do with feelings.  The more I feel, notice, accept, welcome and adore my own feelings, the more I allow, notice, accept, welcome and adore the FEELING THAT I AM.  I am both the feeling tone, “Eva” (as you are “Debbie”, “Lisa” or “John”) AND I am that brilliant capability trust of Feeling that communicates instantly without adjustment, planning or analytical fact gathering.  This is the mother lode.

Perhaps rather than asking “What Would Jesus Do?”; we could ask ourselves

“What Would Jesus Feel?”

giant sequoias Muir woods

Holy Friend, help me see the forest & the trees; the Feeling & the feelings.

We have clues everywhere in sacred scriptures of all faiths of the feelings attendant in prostration, surrender, exaltation and transformation.  How do we get there and still have this life on earth?  How does feeling fit in with the soccer schedule, hip surgery or tax season.  What about the grocery run, client meetings or TV watching.  Indeed, what part does feeling play at church, synagogue, mosque or stone circle?

We play a collective game of hide and seek with ourselves by hiding our deepest, truest qualities then try to seek that very quality out in the world.  No wonder we are hooked on meth and reality TV, we want to feel, yet not just yet, thank you. Feeling is that not-so-well-kept secret that undoes all of our hiding (aka ignoring, denying, forgetting, glossing over, zooming by, resisting, chastising, or flat out hating).  I am getting the feeling-sense that I may be embarking on an ancient learning curve that might take me back to the very beginning.

Oh Holy Friend, master and servant of my heart, I ask you to lead the way in gentleness, peace and joy.  Help me to feel what truth and joy and calm actually feel like and to notice the message that comes long before the words form.

Thank you.

Amen, amen & amen

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