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1. Day 30: Go As Far As You Can See

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1. Day 30:  Go As Far As You Can See

I continue to feel the overwhelm of too many things happening at once.  I don’t feel I can be present for all of it.  Please help Holy Spirit. HS:  Precious One, Be still a moment and feel into your vast, immense, eternal peace. Feel into the perfectness of the unfolding of each event.  See the inherent mystery in the evolvement.  It is beautiful.  See the colors and textures.  Hear the sounds of breath and sparkle.  Feel the shivers of delight and anticipation running through you. You are always standing on the Eve of Greatness.  You are aware of both the moment and the Whole; now and...

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1. Day 29: Being Here Now

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1. Day 29:  Being Here Now

I continue to feel the tidal pull between business, my spiritual practice of my commitment to extending love to my fears and wanting to be with family.  The pull of the actions commitment seems to require is great.  It is hard to sit still and meditate or BE in the face of commitment (even if it is a commitment to facing my fear and blogging about it).  I must not really understand commitment or what is going on inside me.  Please show me the way to peace and joy AND commitment, it must be possible.  Thank you. Me:  I feel the tidal pull of activities swirling around me and this feels...

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1. Day 28: Worthy is the Lamb

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1. Day 28:  Worthy is the Lamb

Holy Spirit, yesterday felt like a car crash:  the speed of business meets the intensity of desire for close family time.  In this moment I am bloody annoyed; at commitment, at life, at myself.  This thought just in from a brief sojourn in the bathroom (isn’t it always the way): I feel like something is being asked of me that I don’t want to do/give/be. What do I think is expected of me? I feel that it is expected that I be happy, bouncy, cheerful caring……. all the time. HS:  Where are you right now? Me:  In the living room with tea, water and journal.  I am completely comfortable, nothing...

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1. Day 27: Extending Love All the way Home

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1. Day 27:  Extending Love All the way Home

What are the conditions I have been placing around myself with this extending love to fears project?  I’ve decided these conditions like “I can’t explain myself to the designer!”  or “It’s too hard!!!” are like Lego bricks I’ve strewn across the floor.  As I step on one barefoot and wince in pain and say “OUCH!! That really hurt!!” I am reminded to open my eyes and see truly where I am.  Can I walk around the Lego?  Can I pick up the bricks?  If I proceed slowly will the Lego bricks act as a bridge of sorts over something else to quicken the creative process? I am noticing it...

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1. Day 26: The Unfolding of Joy

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1. Day 26:  The Unfolding of Joy

I am feeling slow-ish and tired (headache too) from last days of frenetic activity.  I have so much to do before tomorrow……… “I Am Here Now” Quiet Blanket Tea Candle Clock-tick Heartbeat Breath Comfort Uninterrupted Peace I noticed in the whirl of yesterday that fear of commitment without the fear is just commitment. Me:  Why have I feared commitment in work (especially) for so long? HS:  Because your fear kept you from remembering your heart, your Self. As soon as this happens all is fraught with struggle and backwards thinking.  You have always thought you should be able to see the...

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