1. Day 28: Worthy is the Lamb

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1. Day 28:  Worthy is the Lamb

Holy Spirit, yesterday felt like a car crash:  the speed of business meets the intensity of desire for close family time.  In this moment I am bloody annoyed; at commitment, at life, at myself.  This thought just in from a brief sojourn in the bathroom (isn’t it always the way):

I feel like something is being asked of me that I don’t want to do/give/be.

What do I think is expected of me?

I feel that it is expected that I be happy, bouncy, cheerful caring……. all the time.

HS:  Where are you right now?

Me:  In the living room with tea, water and journal.  I am completely comfortable, nothing is actually happening in this moment.  I realize:

I have all the time I need.

I need nothing in this moment.

My head and body and muscles can relax.

Breath is my friend and nourisher. (I end up repeating this phrase throughout my day to calm and remind myself of my nature of peace)

I have and am everything I need.

I am wondering why commitment to a project matters?  Why does obsession seem to have to play a part?  And the question that beats all:  Is it worth it?


I extend pardon to this thought.


HSDearest Lamb,

Fret not on your worth.

Anything that you are, everything you are is worth.

Think not in terms of “worth it” but sink into the full treasure of your nature of worthiness.  This epic worthiness covers all subjects, doings, reasons for being and thoughts of doubt must bow down in honor of your intrinsic value.

Do not doubt the value of worth.  These two go hand in hand.  As you trust the value of your own experience and heart so you claim the truth of your worthiness.

You keep going back to the question of what do you give and it is it of value to others.

Love is the value of life.

Love is the Value of Life

Love is the Value of Life

Life is the worthiness of love.

Loving is expressing who you are.  You believe Love and worth look a particular way but they look all ways.  Your own nature knows truth—as you allow your nature to be fully present in all things you become aware of your Self.

 As you become aware of your Self—you become aware of your full joy, available in all colors and flavors.  

 As you welcome and allow all the flavors, colors, and qualities of each quality of Love you grow in the awareness of the depth of your value and worth.

 As this awareness grows you begin to trust that all you do is a guided expression of who and what you are and this is always worth it.


  1. You may be a happy, peaceful and caring woman by nature, but that doesn’t mean you have other moments! Let them happen. My answer to the question worth/value: “it all matters, if everything you do, you do for the glory of the one who made you”.

    • What a lovely reminder: doing it for the glory of the One who made me. Thank you for this dear friend.

  2. Thank you for reading:)

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