who I am

I think I love, I am

I think , I love, I AM.

I am just like you.  Lost and found; happy and sad; tired and excited; terrified and elated.  I want to learn not to be afraid of my Self. 

I am sweet, kind, zaftig, and bewildered.  I am a mother, wife, business and dog owner.  I am a Minister and Spiritual Counselor.  I love my family tenaciously, my friends with tea and sympathy and my local art museum with time and creativity.  I love going to church by myself in the backyard.  I have had a tumultuous affair with God most of my life and am trying to determine if UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can really make a difference to ME in my daily life.

I write, read, talk, laugh, visit, draw & color, enjoy, and listen.   (I see talking sneaked in twice.)

I enjoy art, most human beings, my two corgis, my precious daughters and my charismatic and charming husband.  Revelation and truth WOW me daily and so does beauty, humor, irony and blow driers.

I was the only one in my Dale Carnegie class in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) whose face fell when we were told we had five minutes to speak extemporaneously (“Only five?” I thought, feeling a little crushed.”).  At the age of seven I was amazed that the traffic light knew to turn green when the cars moved.  When told I have a bit of smudge on the left side of my mouth, I am the one who asks, “Is that left as I look at it in a mirror or the other left?”  I am complicatedly simple.  I have always worn my heart on my sleeve, apparently so that when I finally learned how to listen to it, it wouldn’t be too hard to hear.

My claims to Fame:  I met the Queen of England (yes, the one with the corgis). Sat in rapt attention soaking in the presence and words of the Dalai Lama one recent Sunday and lived across the street from the wife of the man who invented the Coca Cola bottle cap (they used to hand out bottles of Coke on Halloween).  So naturally, with these kind of networking skills we started a networking and training company.

My claims of Infamy:  I own a successful internet design company but I don’t spend much time surfing the internet and have to be told over and over “Rebooting solves most computer problems”.  I adore my family and friends yet need lots of deep & wide quiet, alone time.  Even though my Dad was a dentist I didn’t faithfully floss my teeth daily (every single day now, I swear to Jesus) until October last year.

Enough about ME already, tell me about YOU!  Please leave your comments or questions about my Twelvemonth of Self Love project And BEYOND and I promise I will read with joy and interest.  I might even respond!