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3. Day 30: Veil Sale

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3. Day 30:  Veil Sale

Today is the last day of extending love to guilt for this month three of my Twelvemonth of Self Love project. What is exceedingly obvious now is that guilt is not the truth about me.  It is but a story of “not-me” I believe for a while until I return to my right mind, or sanity or the awareness of God-is-Love’s Presence.  I have learned I can drop the veil of guilt at any time and experience the truth of me in that moment by extending love to my thoughts and feelings even with, perhaps especially with, guilt.  I can do this in bed, at the airport, washing dishes, taking a...

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3. Day 29: Sunday Meditation

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3. Day 29: Sunday Meditation

Thank you for the delicious meditation this morning.  Thank you especially for this thought: What if I remembered ONLY myself? In that moment, all my thoughts, plans, roles, identities neatly fell away as I simply was in peace, tranquility, quiet, gentle joy and wholeness.  Thank you so much for this!  I feel restored, refreshed and re-JOYed.   The absence of guilt reveals the Presence of Love: whole, clean, empty yet fulfilled precious, tender, comfort-able willing to be yesterday, today and forever certain of holiness and truth open, welcoming and treasured delighted, joyful and...

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3. Day 28: Verzeiung (Forgiveness) & Communion

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3. Day 28:  Verzeiung (Forgiveness) & Communion

The amazing book “The Book Thief” (by Markus Zusak) came to me during this month of extending love to guilt.  Surely this is no accident and indeed a novel of the tenacity of loving in all conditions, especially with the incarcerating power of guilt.  The story is narrated by Death and told through the eyes of a young girl in Nazi Germany.  It is powerful in every way.  I must share these definitions that leapt out at me: “Verzeiung–Forgiveness:  to stop feeling anger, animosity or resentment.  Related words: absolution, acquittal, mercy” —p. 368...

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3. Day 27: Guilt, The Greatest Call For Love

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3. Day 27:  Guilt, The Greatest Call For Love

Me:  Holy Spirit, what IS the purpose of guilt? HS:  Precious One, The purpose of guilt is threefold:   to close your eyes to grace to dampen your spirit to forget the truth   Guilt uses all thinking to accomplish this; everything you have ever thought, done, not thought or not done.  Guilt is the great God covering, making it appear you are separate from God.  You don’t  question it because you can see its’ effects in the world; even though there is great beauty so much is left undone, so much unfairness, so much pain and hurt. Guilt is NOT TRUE.  Guilt is NOT TRUTH.  Guilt is...

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3. Day 26: Love Meets Guilt Where It Is

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3. Day 26:  Love Meets Guilt Where It Is

My walk with extending love to guilt this month (in my Twelvemonth project) continues with spending each morning with Holy Spirit; sometimes asking difficult questions, other times just listening.  Today, I feel like I am not making any inroads into understanding or lessening guilt.  I am not as afraid of the guilt yet I still feel it easily and completely. Me:  How can I ween myself from reliance on the framework of guilt? HS:  Dearest One, You believe guilt is a giant structure upon which your life is built.  Guilt is but a single thought in any given moment that prevents you from...

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