3. Day 29: Sunday Meditation

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3. Day 29: Sunday Meditation

Thank you for the delicious meditation this morning.  Thank you especially for this thought:

What if I remembered ONLY myself?

In that moment, all my thoughts, plans, roles, identities neatly fell away as I simply was in peace, tranquility, quiet, gentle joy and wholeness.  Thank you so much for this!  I feel restored, refreshed and re-JOYed.


The absence of guilt reveals the Presence of Love:

whole, clean, empty yet fulfilled

The qualities of Love....

The qualities of Love….

precious, tender, comfort-able

willing to be yesterday, today and forever

certain of holiness and truth

open, welcoming and treasured

delighted, joyful and accepting

powerfully strong, and easily vast

fully present with all things

tender are his mercies

Being Love is my life

Amen & thank you.


“Sunday Meditation”

Sunshine dips in gold

the moment I open my eyes

to the holiness present

all around me

working black bee gathering life from wisteria

blue jay pausing briefly on sundial

humming bird down draft chirps sugary delight

traffic murmur reminds me God drives

cicada symphony swells to greet the day

I am here too

stretched and blanketed against early chill

heart beating in time to tea’s warm embrace

Bliss recognized as gratitude returns

I am this too


  1. Lovely! Our society wants everything to be binary; we are either/or. If you are one you cannot be the other. There are categories where this applies. Thinking of self does not. We must take care of ourselves, know ourselves, have a plan for ourselves before we can help others. Charity begins at home. This means to me that I have to start with me before I can help anyone else. Taking time for self is not selfish unless it is done without the follow through of helping others.

    • Thanks! I always think of the airline staff instructions: Put on your own oxygen mask first and then help others. It has taken a long time to fully embrace the deep truth of this.

  2. Amen and Thank You!

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