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12. Day 3: Feeling; The Divine Mother Lode

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12. Day 3:  Feeling; The Divine Mother Lode

Holy Friend, Thank you for this time, this morning.  Help me hear and abide in that place of quiet where words are not needed for feeling communicates as completely (if not more so).  I am able to go within and know your Voice, hear guidance, truth and get clarity.  But perhaps there is a deeper place of the abundance that Love is that can only be accessed and inhabited with the thing we call feeling. Help me develop this muscle or become at one with this depth.  I don’t even really know what to ask for.  I will trust that you will show me the way.  You know my life, household, dreams...

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7. Day 15: I’ll Be Honest With You

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7. Day 15:  I’ll Be Honest With You

I feel a withdrawing sadness/what’s the point energy today (maybe for a few days?).  I would toss it off as tiredness, but it feels both deeper and more on the surface than usual.  I can’t tell if it is overcommitment or being dishonest in making the commitments in the first place.  Or is it that deeper churn of my own children entering new phases in their  young adult lives that I can only watch and welcome whatever I am feeling within myself? Me:  Please help me extend the tenderest love and awareness even as I ask for guidance.  Thank you. I extend generosity to this thought....

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6. Day 7: How Do I Clarify The Signal?

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6. Day 7:  How Do I Clarify The Signal?

If I want to go beyond feeling tiredness I must feel something else.  What else is there?  Peace.  I would love to really feel peace within and through my body as well as in my heart.  If the body is a communication device as A Course In Miracles says then what is my body communicating?  It feels like it is communicating old thoughts:  tired, slow, low energy, slow metabolism, sluggishness.  Maybe I don’t have any idea what could help me feel the truth of myself as Love in my body; whole, light, energy, harmony, happiness and joy. Holy Spirit, help me with my practice of feeling the...

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6. Day 5: This Place Of Pure Energy

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6. Day 5:  This Place Of Pure Energy

I have been buoyed and transported to a new place with the revelation of “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG”.  I keep finding juicy quotes that are making me wonder if it is time I took off the knitted scarf of tiredness and create something different.  These are just some of the quotes that have me all a flutter: “As we are architects of our reality with the power to rearrange the atoms of matter itself, what problem cannot be solved and what solutions could possibly be beyond our reach?”—-p. XV introduction “For centuries, there have been people who refused to...

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3. Day 29: Sunday Meditation

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3. Day 29: Sunday Meditation

Thank you for the delicious meditation this morning.  Thank you especially for this thought: What if I remembered ONLY myself? In that moment, all my thoughts, plans, roles, identities neatly fell away as I simply was in peace, tranquility, quiet, gentle joy and wholeness.  Thank you so much for this!  I feel restored, refreshed and re-JOYed.   The absence of guilt reveals the Presence of Love: whole, clean, empty yet fulfilled precious, tender, comfort-able willing to be yesterday, today and forever certain of holiness and truth open, welcoming and treasured delighted, joyful and...

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3. Day 23: Why Meditate?

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3. Day 23:  Why Meditate?

The other day I ran across a brilliant answer to “Why meditate?”  The answer I give most often is “Because it feels good and returns me to peace and wholeness.”, but the answer below gives the “why” behind my feelings of peace, joy and wholeness. “Meditation is how you can consistently pay attention to what is.  This inner feeling, this knowingness, this awareness that begins to arise in you, if consistently paid attention to, will tell you directly all that you need to know.  Inside the space of your body and inside the space of your psyche, there...

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