6. Day 7: How Do I Clarify The Signal?

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6. Day 7:  How Do I Clarify The Signal?

If I want to go beyond feeling tiredness I must feel something else.  What else is there?  Peace.  I would love to really feel peace within and through my body as well as in my heart.  If the body is a communication device as A Course In Miracles says then what is my body communicating?  It feels like it is communicating old thoughts:  tired, slow, low energy, slow metabolism, sluggishness.  Maybe I don’t have any idea what could help me feel the truth of myself as Love in my body; whole, light, energy, harmony, happiness and joy.

Holy Spirit, help me with my practice of feeling the energy that is present.  I want to feel and hear and follow my inner guidance.  How do I clarify the signal?  What can I do to hear and feel with my body the Divine Energy and Awareness that is here?  How is my body most useful?  What does my body want me to know?  What is the purpose for the body? How can I feel the Divine in my cells?  How do I clean out any static that fear creates?

I am willing to be guided, especially in this month of extending love to fear AS tiredness, that I may learn to feel and be aware of the energy that I AM each day.  Help me use this awareness to expand my joy and peace awareness in all ways. How can I recreate or create a new body from the energy of Love and Peace?  Help me be open to the subtle delights, happinesses, joy and peace within me as well as my body and my own energy field.

I am open to the subtle delights.

I am open to the subtle delights.

I actually don’t know what, exactly, I am asking for. Perhaps it is to know true peace, joy and light in my body as it relates to the Vast I AM.  Is this possible?  As I going about this upside down and backwards?  How can I be aware, lovingly, kindly aware, in clarity and peace of this body that I may use it for our highest good?

I am open.

I am light.

I am joy.

There is nothing wrong.

I am energy.

I am vast.

I am powerful.

Thank you dear Friend, thank you.  I will allow my questions to rub shoulders with the truth that joy will out.  Thank you for both the questions and the answers that are already present within me.


  1. hello I just wanted you to know what a fine job your doing in letting go of your fears its helping so many and im wanting to express my thankfulness to you for being so simple and careing you are worthy of communication from god and respect you are hear to help and i am so thankful of all that your doing for me tho you must know your healing is my own thank you

    • Thank you so much for your comments and for taking the time to share. We are all worthy of communicating with God who is certainly in our hearts if we but take a moment of stillness to hear. We heal together. Thanks and love, xoxo

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