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12. Day 26: Raw [Spiritual] Food

Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Feeling(s) | 4 comments

12. Day 26:  Raw [Spiritual] Food

I have been practicing extending love to my epic fears and writing about my experiences for nearly one year in A Twelvemonth of Self Love (twelve months & 362 posts) and still I must choose love as my operating system instead of fear.  I must actually, consciously choose love.  Why isn’t it completely automatic?  Why do fears still arise?  Fear must be a wake up call, a rubber band around my wrist I flick to remind me to love and a deeply embedded melody I need to follow no matter what. Love is what I need to live, breath, continue and thrive.  When I try to contemplate anything...

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11. Day 2: The Language Of Success

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11. Day 2:  The Language Of Success

I am at the “just noticing” stage of my fear of success.  One of the things that drew my attention was the language of success.  The words you use to describe success, the attitude behind success or the results of success all have a familiar ring.  There are certain qualities we tend to think of when we contemplate success, either our own or another’s.  It is not just a goal has been met (though that is part of it), or money has been made (thought this is a common measure) or that it is recognized (again, this often feels a part of this process called success). Because I am...

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10. Day 21: A-Z of Fear

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in All-One, Extending love to my thoughts, Fear of Fear Itself, Practices | 0 comments

10. Day 21:  A-Z of Fear

Fear in all it’s glorious forms and colors is all that stands in our way from being aware of Love’s Divine Presence all the time.  There is no need to fear fear itself.  Fear is nothing more than a contraction, a sharp intake of breath, a collapsing of thought.  The more I shine the light on my fears the more they just seem like different coloring crayons used for shading, drama and spark.  Still.  Fear usually feels like anything from mild unpleasantness to abject misery.  Use this A-Z guide to see if there is something you might be experiencing that could use a little love...

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6. Day 24: Cascade Of Joy & Gratitude

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in All-One, Fear AS Tiredness, Feel the Holy Spirit | 0 comments

6. Day 24:  Cascade Of Joy & Gratitude

Annoyance is a quality of my tiredness.  Or is tiredness a quality of my annoyance?  Let’s just say they come together. Recently our older corgi, Matilda had a rash that got infected. Yuck and ugh.  The vet gave her a long course of antibiotics and special shampoo.  Of course I have to administer both, which is nearly as much fun at root canal work without the benefit of a kind dentist.  Part of the problem is that this dog is carrying too much weight for her frame, this combined with a bit of contact dermatitis led to the greater problem. You can see my annoyance goes deeper than...

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3. Day 30: Veil Sale

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3. Day 30:  Veil Sale

Today is the last day of extending love to guilt for this month three of my Twelvemonth of Self Love project. What is exceedingly obvious now is that guilt is not the truth about me.  It is but a story of “not-me” I believe for a while until I return to my right mind, or sanity or the awareness of God-is-Love’s Presence.  I have learned I can drop the veil of guilt at any time and experience the truth of me in that moment by extending love to my thoughts and feelings even with, perhaps especially with, guilt.  I can do this in bed, at the airport, washing dishes, taking a...

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