12. Day 26: Raw [Spiritual] Food

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12. Day 26:  Raw [Spiritual] Food

I have been practicing extending love to my epic fears and writing about my experiences for nearly one year in A Twelvemonth of Self Love (twelve months & 362 posts) and still I must choose love as my operating system instead of fear.  I must actually, consciously choose love.  Why isn’t it completely automatic?  Why do fears still arise?  Fear must be a wake up call, a rubber band around my wrist I flick to remind me to love and a deeply embedded melody I need to follow no matter what. Love is what I need to live, breath, continue and thrive.  When I try to contemplate anything without Love as my copilot my brain hurts, my heart races and I feel the very fabric of the world closing over my mouth.  I don’t know if this means that I have gotten somewhere on my journey or not.  Maybe getting somewhere wasn’t even the point.  I know that Love is real.  I know that fear blocks my awareness of that reality and I know I am still here apparently choosing.

The feeling I am feeling now is the one I am most afraid of; the feeling of “maybe it wasn’t worthwhile”.  I almost don’t want to extend love to this feeling because it feels so true.  No. NO!  This just is NOT true.  It has been worthwhile; extending love to my epic fears and writing daily about it.  If for no other reason than to have left my own self a trail of bread crumbs to find my way home to my Self, where I have always been.

I know what sells is solution, transformation, inspiration and perspiration. (Actually what really sells is controversy, sex, caffeine and drama.  Note to self:  perhaps we should include more of these next time.) I think as my project is coming to an end I can only say without hesitation:

Go Within.

Choosing love is like eating your spiritual veggies:  it's GOOD for you.

Choosing love is like eating your spiritual veggies: it’s GOOD for you.



Follow what you hear.

Listen again.

Trust some more.



Try again tomorrow.

All is well. (even when it isn’t)

We are not alone. (we are All-One)

The Presence of Love is always our truth, our best option, the quickest way to joy, peace and blessed relief.

All I know is that when I feel fear (or some other quality of fear like discouragement, loneliness, anger or pointlessness) when I connect in my heart to the Voice of Love, aka the Holy Spirit/the Universe/God I am reborn into openness, welcome, release and light.  And then, and only then, do I feel it is ALL WORTH my WHILE.


  1. Yep! Chose Love again, again, again…do something else, then choose Love again…. 😉

    • Truth is I could just have made every blog post: choose love! (and then write again & again & again……)xoxo

      • True, but not as effective as your sharing, which reflects our (human/emotionally-charged) process.
        I am truly grateful to share this vulnerable path to remembering Love with you!

        • Dearest Jill, What a privilege it is to have you with me as I show up as my real self in this way. xoxoxo

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