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11. Day 2: The Language Of Success

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11. Day 2:  The Language Of Success

I am at the “just noticing” stage of my fear of success.  One of the things that drew my attention was the language of success.  The words you use to describe success, the attitude behind success or the results of success all have a familiar ring.  There are certain qualities we tend to think of when we contemplate success, either our own or another’s.  It is not just a goal has been met (though that is part of it), or money has been made (thought this is a common measure) or that it is recognized (again, this often feels a part of this process called success). Because I am...

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9. Day 8: Let Your Joy Be Whole

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9. Day 8:  Let Your Joy Be Whole

I must confess that I feel a bit naughty or selfish even choosing joy, or living joy.  I mean, there is still so much pain and suffering in the world at large and even in my local vision (the homeless man outside the SPA Grocery selling a magazine).  Why do I get to be full of joy if there is still pain?  This has actually been a question that has plagued me in many ways for years.  Why do I get the nice family and pleasant circumstances when others are so unhappy?  I naturally took this to Holy Spirit and was heartened, as always, with the gentle response. HS:  Precious One, Fear not.  This...

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7. Day 10: The Being Well

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7. Day 10:  The Being Well

My own sense of WELL-BEING comes from drinking deeply and diving into the BEING WELL.  When I am down, tired, fractious or just feeling less-than in any way.  I must go within and extend the love that I am.  I can go to that well of love that I am and drink deeply.  I can breathe deeply and dive in fully.  This is my restoration and reminder.  This is truly who and what I am.  Any kindness I have every offered, any comfort, help or appreciation IS the voice of love speaking from my heart.  I just need to return again and again to my heart, where God-IS-Love resides to realize I am already...

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6. Day 26: 100 Reasons Why….(part 1)

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6. Day 26:  100 Reasons Why….(part 1)

Here are the 1oo Reasons Why What I Want Can Come To Me Easily, Fast & Harmoniously: Jesus loves me I love Jesus I am made of Love Everything is made of Love I want only the best for all   God/the Universe/ Truth loves me Loving is all that is happening The blocks to the awareness of Love are dissolving easily & effortlessly all of the time I want to see Love & God in all things Gratitude flows in, through, around me I am surrounded by wonderful people, circumstances, & opportunities The very thing I think is my greatest problem is, in fact, my greatest gift Respect is a...

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6. Day 11: The [unintended] Gift of Terrorism

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6. Day 11:  The [unintended] Gift of Terrorism

The gift of terrorism is that the horror must be faced.  In its immediate aftermath there is a tear in the fabric of society and its dogmas, rules and perspective that is rent clean open.  Through that rent a great gust of honesty bellows through and we all come face to face with what IS whether we like it or not.  When the attacks on September 11, 2001 occurred a great honesty was unleashed across the globe.  Those who committed the attacks were angry, hurt and desperate–now we all knew this for certain, even if we knew not what to do about it. Through that wretched honesty came our...

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