9. Day 8: Let Your Joy Be Whole

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9. Day 8:  Let Your Joy Be Whole

I must confess that I feel a bit naughty or selfish even choosing joy, or living joy.  I mean, there is still so much pain and suffering in the world at large and even in my local vision (the homeless man outside the SPA Grocery selling a magazine).  Why do I get to be full of joy if there is still pain?  This has actually been a question that has plagued me in many ways for years.  Why do I get the nice family and pleasant circumstances when others are so unhappy?  I naturally took this to Holy Spirit and was heartened, as always, with the gentle response.

HS:  Precious One,

Fear not.  This feeling of naughty wrongness is what you have delighted in across time.  You are now ready to rejoin your wholeness in such a way as to experience joy so deep, so clear, so powerful it leaves naughtiness at the children’s table.  Naughtiness, that playful wrong/bad feeling is still a split experience, yet it comes closer to accepting that good and evil do indeed go into the same wholeness.

This is one of the ways you will notice joy, through feelings of wholeness.  Wholeness is your great joy and the one you have longed for.  This wholeness is what you taste with loyalty, family and togetherness but that still breaks into pieces without the wholeness of joy awareness.  Know this my darling, you cannot actually be outside joy.  You can forget, ignore, get distracted from but you cannot actually lose joy.

Joy is your essence.  Joy is that direct experience of your essence in all situations.  A live, living awareness of the whole-Love-ness that All Is.  When you forget, you experience not sadness but disconnectedness.  Sadness, fully expereinced, tenderly welcomed, wholly felt is a part of the wholeness of joy.  Joy is not just smiles and champagne sparkles, it is also the depths of feeling that sweet sorrow that is aware of the wholeness of joy.

Let your joy be whole.

Let your joy be whole.

Let your sadness be real.

Let your joy be whole.

Let your wholeness be kind.

Let your kindness be tender.

Let your tenderness be precious.

Let your preciousness be glad.

Let your gladness be real.

You cannot obliterate light by ignoring or denying an individual color any more than you can obliterate love by ignoring a particular quality of love.

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