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12. Day 31: Letter To My (Beloved) Readers

Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Feeling(s) | 6 comments

12. Day 31:  Letter To My (Beloved) Readers

Dear Ones, Thank you so much for going on this Twelvemonth journey with me.  It made a difference, a REAL difference to me, to my heart, to my awareness and to my walk with Holy Spirit in this wild and wooly world.  I have honestly loved every post, journal entry and quiet time I have devoted to extending love to my epic fears.  And do you know what?  It wasn’t nearly as fearful as I thought it would be, especially as I had YOU with me.  To know that someone was reading, digesting, being inspired by either my words or even just the many titles as they flew by in your inbox whether you...

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12. Day 29: Witness The Dawn

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12. Day 29:  Witness The Dawn

I can feel the realigning of focus within me.  I don’t yet really know what my writing and practice will look like on a daily basis but I feel excited rather than worried; delighted rather than fearful.  This is a huge shift from last year at this time when I was feeling the uncertainty of transition and my committed practice of self love and blog felt like such a crazy leap in the dark.  I mean, practicing self love is scary at the best of times but doing it right out in the open was unprecedented. I leapt but was, quite frankly, terrified I would quit, falter or make a complete fool...

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12. Day 28: Twelve Fears Later…

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in All-One, Blogging As My Spiritual Practice, Fear of Feeling(s) | 2 comments

12. Day 28:  Twelve Fears Later…

It is time to talk about my thoughts and feelings of having blogged daily for a whole year (that’s 365 days!). Yes, I officially made my first blog post on March 25, 2014 (in the middle of a trip to my nephew’s wedding in Nashville).  Extending love to my epic fears is something I could have done privately without the added work of cataloguing my experience.  I could have just felt the difference but, then, would I have remembered the process?  What if I needed to do it again?  What if you wanted to follow along and do this for yourself?  What if we needed to get home and a bird...

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12. Day 26: Raw [Spiritual] Food

Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Feeling(s) | 4 comments

12. Day 26:  Raw [Spiritual] Food

I have been practicing extending love to my epic fears and writing about my experiences for nearly one year in A Twelvemonth of Self Love (twelve months & 362 posts) and still I must choose love as my operating system instead of fear.  I must actually, consciously choose love.  Why isn’t it completely automatic?  Why do fears still arise?  Fear must be a wake up call, a rubber band around my wrist I flick to remind me to love and a deeply embedded melody I need to follow no matter what. Love is what I need to live, breath, continue and thrive.  When I try to contemplate anything...

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12. Day 17: Self Love Is The Ultimate Empowerment

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12. Day 17:  Self Love Is The Ultimate Empowerment

I am attending the Spiritual Writers Conference run by Hay House this coming weekend in Chicago.  It is one of those perfectly timed opportunities to move forward in a new way with my writing and my feelings about it are swirling.  Mostly, I feel hopeful, ready and delighted to be going.  The other feelings of “WHAT?! It’s this weekend???  I’m not ready!!!” and the giddiness of a churning excitement is like having a whole jar of Orville Redenbacher popcorn reaching fully POP! within me. It also has me busy extending love and checking in with Holy Spirit every other...

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