12. Day 29: Witness The Dawn

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12. Day 29:  Witness The Dawn

I can feel the realigning of focus within me.  I don’t yet really know what my writing and practice will look like on a daily basis but I feel excited rather than worried; delighted rather than fearful.  This is a huge shift from last year at this time when I was feeling the uncertainty of transition and my committed practice of self love and blog felt like such a crazy leap in the dark.  I mean, practicing self love is scary at the best of times but doing it right out in the open was unprecedented. I leapt but was, quite frankly, terrified I would quit, falter or make a complete fool of myself (especially since I launched the blog on April Fool’s Day).  I did feel like quitting; but didn’t.  I did falter; but asked for help and guidance.  I did make a complete fool of my self; a fool for Love’s purpose.  I do feel change and shift within me but more like a beginning rather than an ending.  And more importantly, I am not afraid of any of these feelings.  I feel a full partner with Holy Spirit rather than a lowly servant.  I feel at peace yet empowered; joyful but looking forward to serious work, mostly I feel grateful for this last twelvemonth has been a springboard for my next chapter in continuing my practice of Self Love.

 “Witness the Dawn”

If I am going to witness the dawn

I’d better open the window.

Be yourself,

it’s what you came here

to do.

Expect Grace

Extend love

Be your self

Open up

Let go



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