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Hello Fear!

Hello Fear!

Believe it or not extending love to fear is more fun than it should be.  What if we did greet our fears like scampering hungry goats as opposed to terrorists?

It is interesting, worthwhile and fascinating to read and be inspired by another’s experience but why not have an EXPERIENCE OF YOUR OWN SELF as well.

Here are just a few ways you can use this blog to experience your OWN SELF as you notice your fears and extend love to them.  Be willing to try one and see what happens.  I’d love to hear about your own experience.




Explore. Read. Enjoy the blog. Notice and see what you feel drawn to. Look up a fear or quality of love and see what happens. Hold your own fear in your mind quietly for moment and just randomly click a link in categories or tags and see if it speaks to you (I swear this works wonders!). Notice what happens when you allow yourself to be with a fear, even for a moment in this new way.

Join my blog for updates so you can follow along day by day (just read what you feel led to, I post a lot, don’t let it scare you. Fears REALLY need a lot, I mean A LOT of love). Let each post speak directly to your own fear as if it were your heart speaking to you (it doesn’t have to be the same fear as I am currently focusing on). Let the daily-ness of the postings remind you of your own heart, thoughts and feelings. Whatever you are feeling on the day you read a post extend some quality of love in the post to your own thought/feeling/fear. Notice what happens. Let me know what your experience is.
Browse the Practices Page or Holy Spirit Says Page and see if anything looks helpful then try it at home. Always ASK your own heart first “Does this feel helpful and kind?” then proceed with gay abandon. Let me know how you go by posting comments.