12. Day 17: Self Love Is The Ultimate Empowerment

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12. Day 17:  Self Love Is The Ultimate Empowerment

I am attending the Spiritual Writers Conference run by Hay House this coming weekend in Chicago.  It is one of those perfectly timed opportunities to move forward in a new way with my writing and my feelings about it are swirling.  Mostly, I feel hopeful, ready and delighted to be going.  The other feelings of “WHAT?! It’s this weekend???  I’m not ready!!!” and the giddiness of a churning excitement is like having a whole jar of Orville Redenbacher popcorn reaching fully POP! within me. It also has me busy extending love and checking in with Holy Spirit every other minute.  Here is what HS shared this morning re my question on what to focus on.

HS:  Focus is not leaving something or someone out it is inhabiting your wholeness with wholeness of purpose, in wholeness of peace, for the wholeness of joy.  This is the path you created in order to experience the form of a more perfect union.

We are one my precious, experienced as Me and you, yet we are one.  This is perfect, powerful and playful.  This is the way my darling; you are the way into my heart as I am the way into yours.

Me:  I am experiencing a little apprehension in finishing the Twelvemonth blog.  What do I do next?  This daily commitment has been and IS so very powerful, what and how do I do next?

Self love is the ultimate empowerment.

Self love is the ultimate empowerment.

HS:  Listen.


Be at peace.

Each stage is revealed in natural progression. Nothing will be left out. You will continue to operate and live and love in whole awareness, of that there can be no doubt.  This is your time to fully notice, own, delight in your own empowerment.

Loving your own self and Self is the ultimate empowerment.

In noticing, welcoming, allowing and trusting your own heart you notice, welcome, allow and trust your own life, path and purpose. This is always working together for the good and greatness of all awareness in our presence as Love.

Loving your own self and Self is the ultimate empowerment.

Keep listening for the guidance that will surely come at the perfect moment as to how you will continue expressing your loving heart. I am always with you, in you, in front of you, behind you and in all things.  Fear not, you are my own priceless treasure in whom I am well pleased.

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