6. Day 26: 100 Reasons Why….(part 1)

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6. Day 26:  100 Reasons Why….(part 1)

Here are the 1oo Reasons Why What I Want Can Come To Me Easily, Fast & Harmoniously:

  1. Jesus loves me
  2. I love Jesus
  3. I am made of Love
  4. Everything is made of Love
  5. I want only the best for all
  6.   God/the Universe/ Truth loves me
  7. Loving is all that is happening
  8. The blocks to the awareness of Love are dissolving easily & effortlessly all of the time
  9. I want to see Love & God in all things
  10. Gratitude flows in, through, around me
  11. I am surrounded by wonderful people, circumstances, & opportunities
  12. The very thing I think is my greatest problem is, in fact, my greatest gift
  13. Respect is a simple matter of acknowledging truth and what IS
  14. Everyone loves me
  15. Everything loves me
  16. Every problem is loving me, I just haven’t realized this yet
  17. Learning is fun
  18. Truth IS
  19. I am truth
  20. I can express Love in any way I desire
  21. I can create anything & any way I desire
  22. Creation is my joy
  23. Living is easy, fun & satisfying
  24. I have created my blindness & I can open my eyes any time I wish
  25. There is nothing wrong
  26. The only reason I forget is because it is so very wonderful to remember
  27. My children are made of Love
  28. They are strong, capable & willing to open their eyes to our ever present joy, peace & wonder
  29. The Universe is my playground
  30. It loves nothing more than to give me exactly what I desire
  31. I desire joy, peace & clarity for myself & my brother
  32. I have everything I need
  33. My children have everything they need
  34. My husband has everything he needs
  35. What is true for me is true for all
  36. No one is left behind, ever
  37. Asking for help, guidance & eyes open is easy & delightful
  38. I can trust my dear inner guidance
  39. I can trust my brother’s guidance too
  40. I love the infinite qualities of love
  41. All the qualities of love are my friends
  42. I know what I want
  43. Peace is for all
  44. Forgiveness is for when we momentarily forget this
  45. The Universe is saturated with Love
  46. Any pain is a brief forgetting of this truth
  47. Remembering what already & always IS is breath, joy & completion in one
  48. The Universe wants what I want
  49. Whatever is happening IS the best thing for me
  50. Whatever is happening IS the best thing for my children
  51. Whatever is happening IS the best thing for my husband
  52. Worry is but my alarm clock reminder to awaken to TRUST
  53. I have done nothing wrong because there IS nothing wrong
  54. Beauty if my gift of seeing
  55. I can trust beauty & see beauty in all things
  56. No matter what is happening I am already receiving everything I have ever wanted
  57. I can feel the flow, beauty & power of the Holy Spirit of All-That-IS
  58. Power & creation are my friends
  59. Everything is conspiring together for my greatest joy
  60. I can ask for anything I need, want, desire
  61. This opens my eyes to what already is
  62. Vastness is my friend
  63. I am a friend to Vastness
  64. I let go lovingly of all that is not serving me to make room for what will serve me best
  65. Fear is but a friend who reminds me to open my eyes, ask & trust
  66. Thoughts are friends
  67. Harmony is always happening when I let go of my story
  68. Love always flows easily, harmoniously & eternally
  69. I am riding this flow in my daily life
  70. Purpose is inherent in design
  71. Design is inherent in creation
  72. Creation is inherent in life
  73. Life is in inherent in love
  74. Love is in inherent in God
  75. God is in inherent in all
  76. All is in inherent in one
  77. There is nothing to fear
  78. My cells are harbingers of love & joy
  79. My body wants only to love me & be a beautiful, willing, strong interface with the world I live in
  80. Poetry is the way the Universe speaks
  81. Art is the way we participate in the conversation of the stars
  82. Science is art too
  83. Remembering who & what I am is delicious
  84. Healing is but a tin shift in perspective
  85. Messages of love, assurance, beauty, harmony, comfort & awakening are all around me
  86. I can not be left out of my own life, awakening & gratitude for all
  87. My husband loves me intrinsically, loyally, completely & always & I love him without reservation
  88. Letting go of what is not serving me is but a tool of creation, nothing is wrong
  89. I love expressing myself & my Self
  90. Thoughts make things
  91. Extending love to my thoughts ensures I see all things in love & can only make love with my thoughts
  92. Strength is the prerogative of Kings
  93. We are each one King—of our heart, our life, our joy, peace & influence
  94. I attract beauty, harmony, joy, delight & ease in all my dealings
  95. My work is my joy & allows me to speed up the awareness of what already IS beautiful, kind & precious
  96. My family is my joy
  97. I am my family’s joy
  98. Loving myself is not different from the Universe loving me
  99. Loving myself is loving God
  100. God IS.  I AM. We ARE.

Read these. Digest these.  Print them and ponder them.  Let them sink in.  Really, there are millions of reasons why what we want can and DOES come to us easily, fast and harmoniously.  These are just 100 of the reasons that poured out of my heart when I asked.  What are some of your reasons?  Make your own list.


  1. For some reason this morning, Eva, point 79 resonated deeply within my heart. Thank you for this wonderful expression of gratitude and joy this morning. I love you!

    • It is funny, this morning your joy in “79. My body wants only to love me & be a beautiful, willing, strong interface with the world I live in” was just the reminder I, myself , needed. It is the end of the week and the thoughts of “Oh, I am really tired” are naturally here and to remember with joy and gratitude my body really DOES want to love me is such a relief. It allows my cells to relax and feel the light and gratitude within. Thank you for reading and I love you heaps too!! xoxo

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