10. Day 21: A-Z of Fear

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10. Day 21:  A-Z of Fear

Fear in all it’s glorious forms and colors is all that stands in our way from being aware of Love’s Divine Presence all the time.  There is no need to fear fear itself.  Fear is nothing more than a contraction, a sharp intake of breath, a collapsing of thought.  The more I shine the light on my fears the more they just seem like different coloring crayons used for shading, drama and spark.  Still.  Fear usually feels like anything from mild unpleasantness to abject misery.  Use this A-Z guide to see if there is something you might be experiencing that could use a little love extended to it so that you will once again, be experiencing the ongoing comfort, peace and joy of Love’s Presence.

It is just because fear comes in oh-so-many flavors and colors that Love divides itself into OH-SO-MANY-MORE flavors, colors and qualities in order to once again wrap us in it’s ever-present arms.  The light that we truly are holds everything we need and fear simply points us back to the truth about us, which is indeed, Love.

A – Z of Fear

Agitation, annoyance, aggravation

Beligerance, boredom, banishment

Cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof, cheating, churlishness

Depression, distrust, disturbed, dread, doubt

Error-finding, execute

Fear, fault, foreboding, funk

Gritted-teeth, gall

Hatred, hurt, haunted, harass

Indignant, irascible, irritable,

Jealous, judgment, jitters


Lonely, lying, loathing

Mad, manic, murder

Nervous, nauseous, nut-job

Ornery, overthinking, overwhelmed

Pout, petulance, paranoia, panic, pain

Querulous, qualm, quiver

Rabid, racism, radicalism

Seething, stealing, squeamishness, screw YOU

Terror, tired, talking-back, tyrant

Unctuous, uneasy, undervalue, unhappy

Vacuous, vicious, vexation

Worry, want-of -confidence, the willies




If you can relate to one or two of these qualities of fear, just pause a moment, take a deep breath and say “Thank you for this reminder to extend love.”

Then choose a quality of love, say tenderness, calm or peace and feel into the quality then imagine yourself giving, sharing or shining that quality of love on your fear.

How does this feel? Is there now a wee bit more space in your awareness for grace to creep in unannounced?

Use this guide at any time to remind you fear is but a call for love.


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