6. Day 24: Cascade Of Joy & Gratitude

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6. Day 24:  Cascade Of Joy & Gratitude

Annoyance is a quality of my tiredness.  Or is tiredness a quality of my annoyance?  Let’s just say they come together. Recently our older corgi, Matilda had a rash that got infected. Yuck and ugh.  The vet gave her a long course of antibiotics and special shampoo.  Of course I have to administer both, which is nearly as much fun at root canal work without the benefit of a kind dentist.  Part of the problem is that this dog is carrying too much weight for her frame, this combined with a bit of contact dermatitis led to the greater problem. You can see my annoyance goes deeper than administering medical treatment to a dog.  I felt embarrassed, annoyed, shamed even that even my dog needed to lose weight. (I might have added “too” in my head.) Ugh and yuck again.  It feels like my annoyance is trying to tell me something, to communicate somehow but my shame and chagrin just won’t answer the phone.

We have the most wonderful team answering our phones for our businesses.  They take a huge weight off our shoulders and ensure our clients are always tended to with care, efficiency and kindness.  This reminds me to notice how”I” answer the calls for love I encounter (in others or in myself).  How do I answer calls for love?  What is a call for love?

A call for love is an experience of NOT-love. It can be pain, misery, annoyance, fear, boredom, hatred, anger, depression, embarrassment. Any quality of fear that is present IS a call for Love, it is a reminder that right now, I am not experiencing the Love that I am. That is why I feel pain, or heartache or annoyance. We think we feel pain because of something that is being done to us, or a circumstance being thrust upon us. What is really happening is that in a particular moment we close off the remembering of the truth that we are, indeed, love.

Me:  Holy Spirit why is weight (too much or too little) always such a problem for so many?

HS:  Dearest One,

The relief of hearing Holy Spirit feels like this!

The relief of hearing Holy Spirit feels like this!

There is no problem.  There is nothing wrong. There is nothing that cannot have Love flow through in order to feel peace, joy and guidance. Continue feeling your body–I am here too–there is no place or time that I am not fully present.

Ask to hear my Voice in all things, in all circumstances, in all fears.

I will answer for I am with you always.

Me:  What can I do today to experience peace AND joy in all I do?

HS:  Feel the flow of love through your body all day–connect to this and give thanks–feel the cascade of joy and gratitude for all that is present:  body, beauty, design, vibrations of life and love, sounds, tastes, words, thoughts, breeze, sensual touch of fabric on skin, scents.  Give great thanks as these are all gifts of joy and marvel, receive the wonder of it into your cells, into your being.  This is your treasure, this beatific awareness.  As you feel this awareness in your body, know I am right here with you.  Feel this and know you are safe.  Feel this and know your peace.  Feel this and know your happiness.

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