6. Day 5: This Place Of Pure Energy

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6. Day 5:  This Place Of Pure Energy

I have been buoyed and transported to a new place with the revelation of “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG”.  I keep finding juicy quotes that are making me wonder if it is time I took off the knitted scarf of tiredness and create something different.  These are just some of the quotes that have me all a flutter:

“As we are architects of our reality with the power to rearrange the atoms of matter itself, what problem cannot be solved and what solutions could possibly be beyond our reach?”—-p. XV introduction

“For centuries, there have been people who refused to accept the limitations that have traditionally defined what it means to live in this world.  [To] answer their yearning for a greater truth, they had to venture beyond their boundaries of their conditioning.  They isolated themselves –from friends, family, and community—and let go, REALLY LET GO of what the had been taught about the world.  And when they did, something precious and beautiful happened in their lives:  They discovered a new freedom for themselves that opened the door of possibilities for others.

It all began with their asking the question:  “What if our beliefs are wrong?”–p.4

———————–“The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by Gregg Braden

In this place of pure energy, everything begins.

In this place of pure energy, everything begins.

This holds my attention because I have had my own discovery that tiredness is possibly not the truth about me.  I may be experiencing tiredness but that doesn’t mean I AM tiredness.  There is a big difference.  If I have created and attracted (and chosen) the circumstances and responses that resulted in tiredness I can create, attract and choose something new.

More from our friend Gregg Braden:

“In 1994, Max Planck [the man many consider to be the father of quantum theory] shocked the world by saying that there is a “matrix” of energy that provides the blueprint for our physical world.  In this place of PURE ENERGY, everything begins, from the birth of stars and DNA to our deepest relationships, peace between nations and personal healing.

The willingness to embrace the matrix’s existence in mainstream science is still so new that scientists have yet to agree upon a single name for it.  Some call it the “field”, others refer to is as “quantum hologram”, “mind of God”, “nature’s mind and “Divine Matrix”.———“The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by Gregg Braden

In this place of PURE ENERGY, everything begins, from the birth of stars and DNA to our deepest relationships, peace between nations and personal healing.

Whoa!!  Here are the new thoughts bubbling up within me:

If I have been saying/thinking/feeling “I have no energy” and it is so,


if I now say/think/feel I AM/HAVE/TRUST ENERGY then it will be so?!?!?

Now is where my last couple of days showering my consciousness in the truth “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG” comes together with the truth “I AM/HAVE/TRUST ENERGY” and we have the birth of the new thinking that will create, attract and assist me in choosing that which will bring about my own experience of myself as joyful abundant energy. Maybe nothing will look any different from the outside but on the inside mountains are being moved and rivers are being rerouted.  I am excited to feel the possibilities of what is already happening.

I extend possibility to tiredness.






  1. Eva, I have SO appreciated your postings about tiredness because they really got me thinking about my tiredness and its underlying causes….I now recognize that my tiredness is the result of living within someone else’s reality as well as not living from my own authenticity. Feeling so grateful for your explorations that then led me to mine….much love and care as always….

    • What is interesting is how I can still extend love and appreciation to tiredness while desiring in my heart to feel the deeper truth about myself. Love doing this with you Sally! xoxo

    • Thank god im not the only one haha oh god ive been very scared its silly i know but i cant beleive ive been doing this it feel like my entire life thank you im trrying to honestly help myself out and change this crazy cycle thank you

      • Let’s start by being genuinely kind to yourself and the crazy cycle. It must be see like an alarm clock to remember that we are Love and can love in any and all situation. I extend innocence to the cycle of tiredness…… xoxo

  2. Very cool!

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