3. Day 28: Verzeiung (Forgiveness) & Communion

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3. Day 28:  Verzeiung (Forgiveness) & Communion

The amazing book “The Book Thief” (by Markus Zusak) came to me during this month of extending love to guilt.  Surely this is no accident and indeed a novel of the tenacity of loving in all conditions, especially with the incarcerating power of guilt.  The story is narrated by Death and told through the eyes of a young girl in Nazi Germany.  It is powerful in every way.  I must share these definitions that leapt out at me:

“Verzeiung–Forgiveness:  to stop feeling anger, animosity or resentment.  Related words: absolution, acquittal, mercy” —p. 368

Angst–Fear:  an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.  Related words: terror, horror, panic, fright, alarm.—p. 375

Wort–Word:  a meaningful unit of language/a promise/ a short remark, statement or conversation. Related words:  term, name, expression.—p. 382″—–“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

These spoke directly to my heart.  Verzeiung is the absence of guilt and angst (fear).  Words are merely expressions that point the way to the truth and are not, in themselves, truth.  When I witness such terror, misery and annihilation I must ask for clarity, answers and peace, even in the midst of reading about an event 70 years past.

Me:  WHY????

HS:  Dearest One,

Be still and know the power within your heart; to heal, know, be, create, love, treasure, give and solemnly honor your brother.  Fear not this display of wretched insanity; it is the mind that strives to need not heart and it knows even as it annihilates it will fail utterly for the heart will always answer the mind’s call for love–it can do nothing else.

Heart and mind are one.  The mind alone in its power is the heart with blinders on.  The power of thought is but the power to remember wholeness.

Thought creates.

Thought destroys.

Thought is.

Who is thinking?

The more you listen, trust, and follow the holiness within you, the greater Love’s awareness will be in the world.  Greater is that who is within you than that which is within the world.


This led to my own poem after reading of the terror and thrill of hiding a Jew during the war in “The Book Thief”.

“Communion Underground”

Love creeps into our awareness.

Love creeps into our awareness.

We stash the memory of love

a Jew hiding in the dank cramped basement

unable to kill it or let it

into the light of day

when the reign of terror

is over

Love creeps up the basement stairs

and into our heart once more

Warmth and humanity return

Life lives on

Love is not dead

It remains forever waiting

for the absence of fear

to whisper its juicy life

into our parched souls

Take and drink there of



  1. One of my lessons from about two years ago –
    “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

    ― Gautama Buddha

    It struck a chord with me. I still get angry, no doubt. However, I’ve learned to be angry, but not get wrapped around the axle of it. I realized I do not have the energy or time to expend on these types of thoughts.

    • I, too, love this quote! I think anger has great energy and the power of clarity when we are willing to sit with it without hurling at another or even ourselves. To listen, notice, feel the anger as an energy without judging it, there is where treasure can be found.

      • Eva,
        Completely agree. This growing up stuff is so hard!

        • Thank God we don’t have to do it alone! xo

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