3. Day 26: Love Meets Guilt Where It Is

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3. Day 26:  Love Meets Guilt Where It Is

My walk with extending love to guilt this month (in my Twelvemonth project) continues with spending each morning with Holy Spirit; sometimes asking difficult questions, other times just listening.  Today, I feel like I am not making any inroads into understanding or lessening guilt.  I am not as afraid of the guilt yet I still feel it easily and completely.

Me:  How can I ween myself from reliance on the framework of guilt?

HS:  Dearest One,

You believe guilt is a giant structure upon which your life is built.  Guilt is but a single thought in any given moment that prevents you from experiencing Love’s Presence.  Guilt is a firm judgment against what IS. Guilt’s own power is based not on what is; remember Love is, God is, I AM.  Treat guilt the way you would any fear.  There is no need to save special treatment for guilt.  Extend love to guilt, in that process you are reminded you are love.

Guilt is but a single thought in any given moment that prevents you from experiencing Love’s Presence.

Guilt says Love does not; Love says I AM.

Love is ever present, guilt only blocks your awareness of this truth momentarily.

Love is ever present, guilt only blocks your awareness of this truth momentarily.

Guilt says Love should not; Love says I DO.

Guilt says Love could not;  Love says I CAN.

Don’t you see, it is the not that guilt is.  Let go of your belief in the not.  Ask yourself where you are experiencing NOT and let’s extend love there together.  Fear not “NOT”.

Me:  It is funny, I am feeling guilty about not changing guilt.  So can i just be right here, where I am being with guilt, feeling less fear but still feeling the guilt and it be ok?

HS:  Dearest One, not only is it ok it is acknowledging exactly where you are.  Your goal in this project is to extend love, that you are doing.  Feeling fear or guilt simply allows you to notice this and to choose to extend the love that you are.  The messages from guilt or fear will still lead you back into the truth of who you are.  It is huge that you are no longer fearing guilt as you have done.  Let yourself continue to extend love to all feelings and sightings of guilt and see that guilt lessens in  its ability to block your awareness of Love’s everpresence. Fear not Precious One, you are exactly where you are and that is perfect.


  1. It is hard to sit with what you feel when it is negative and then try and look at it objectively. My brain tells me daily that I am not worthy. Yet, intellectually, I know this is not true. Spiritually I know this is not true. And yet, emotionally it is a different story. I know depression lies. I know I have ‘stoopid brain’ that keeps repeating tapes over in my head on an endless loop. I try and remember that if his eye is on the sparrow, it is most certainly on me. ((hugs))

    • You know, the funny thing is, it is as difficult to sit with the “positive” things we feel and think about ourselves. The power of learning to practice extending love is in the constant returning to awareness. I love the verse and lesson of the sparrow. Think of your thoughts as that little sparrow, just hopping about meaning no harm. I love that you shared this today! Love and hugs always, xoxo

  2. I don’t think we can get rid of guilt. The fear of guilt yes. We however are hardwired to believe the negative things before positive (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-wise-brain/201002/taking-in-the-good). So I think we’ll always have what my grandma refered to as the “Should’ve/could’ve/would’ve”. It’s what we do with it and how we react to those thoughts that are important. Do we let those thoughts stop us or do we use them to better ourselves?

    • Deb, I think you are right, the MIND is hardwired for guilt. I think this is why we must return to our hearts for the awareness of God-Love-Kindness etc. Our minds and brains are powerful tools but only truly fruitful and creative when the heart is guiding. I love what the article says: “The more you get your neurons firing about positive facts, the more they’ll be wiring up positive neural structures.” which is a pretty decent scientific way to describe the benefits of extending love to our thoughts, we are creating (wiring up) positive neural structures! Thanks for this, especially grandma’s home truth it is how we react/respond to our thoughts that creates are experience. xoxo

  3. Wow! How awesome is THAT lesson?!!!
    Eva, you are such a blessing to share this with us.
    May you feel the showers of love and blessing that you are!

    • Jill, thank you! I am feeling the showers of love and blessing this morning just being able to share this blog and love with my homeys! Thanks always for reading and sharing your beautiful heart! xoxo

  4. Eva, back side of the same coin. It’s hard for me to refute the negative and believe the positive. I struggle all the time with that. Thanks for opening up your journey. As when we were younger, I am amazed by your strength.xo

    • And I was always amazed by your verve and sparkle:) I didn’t try to refute the negative as much as ignore it completely. What is the breakthrough practice is simply acknowledging and accepting with as much kindness as the moment can muster both positive and negative. I think my exhaustion comes from trying to keep those two poles apart, different, separate. The more I practice self kindness and acceptance of all my parts (squirrelly and queenly;) the more I feel the spaciousness of peace. Love you! xoxo

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