1. Day 27: Extending Love All the way Home

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1. Day 27:  Extending Love All the way Home

What are the conditions I have been placing around myself with this Twelvemonth.me extending love to fears project?  I’ve decided these conditions like “I can’t explain myself to the designer!”  or “It’s too hard!!!” are like Lego bricks I’ve strewn across the floor.  As I step on one barefoot and wince in pain and say “OUCH!! That really hurt!!” I am reminded to open my eyes and see truly where I am.  Can I walk around the Lego?  Can I pick up the bricks?  If I proceed slowly will the Lego bricks act as a bridge of sorts over something else to quicken the creative process?

I am noticing it is less scary each day to look at my thoughts, fears and feelings because of my commitment I seem to have made to my self.  I didn’t know that committing to the project meant committing to my own self.  I do feel I have come home in a new way.  Since I committed to my project of extending love to my epic fears, and I am the one with the fears, I am really extending love to my self.  It is like I already pre-qualified my self for love instead of judgment by saying “I will extend love to my fears” so all I need to do is notice them and as noticing is a very powerful quality of love I am immediately SUCCESSFUL in my project.  The unexpected bonus is the growing feeling of kindness I am experiencing within me towards my own self.

Kindness has always compelled me and has been a center stone in my own life.  Is it possible I strove so for kindness because I didn’t think I was kind?  To glimpse the possibility that I am kindness rather than I hustle and trade in kindness fills me with awe and showers of tingles.

I feel like weeping with relief.  I AM KINDNESS.


“Welcome Home”

Why just believe in home

When you can be home?

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Why ponder, strain and hope,

When you can relish, treasure and enjoy?

Why worry, wonder and wax,

When you can giggle and know stillness.

Home really is where the Heart is.

Home is not a soon-to-come

Eternal resting place

Where all is perfect and fair.

Home is the rest you experience

When you venture into your heart of hearts.

This is where Jesus lives the way, the truth, and the life.

This is where Buddha learned kindness as his life’s mantra.

This is where Rumi, Hafiz and Shakespeare created precious acts of poetry.

This, too, is where I live now

I’ve just moved in and am still unpacking boxes

And discovering rooms I had forgotten about.

Home is heaven.

Heaven is home.

I am home.

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