1. Day 30: Go As Far As You Can See

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1. Day 30:  Go As Far As You Can See

I continue to feel the overwhelm of too many things happening at once.  I don’t feel I can be present for all of it.  Please help Holy Spirit.

HSPrecious One,

Be still a moment and feel into your vast, immense, eternal peace.

Feel into the perfectness of the unfolding of each event.  See the inherent mystery in the evolvement.  It is beautiful.  See the colors and textures.  Hear the sounds of breath and sparkle.  Feel the shivers of delight and anticipation running through you.

You are always standing on the Eve of Greatness.  You are aware of both the moment and the Whole; now and All-time; your personal experience and ALL-EXPERIENCE.

Fear not this awareness.  Use it. Enjoy it. Bask in it.

See how you can flow from awareness of the multitude of joys to a single perfect breath and back into the awareness of all the momentous events. 

I tell you all events are momentous.  They are built from moments.  This is the stardust of which you, too, are made.

Rejoice in both dust and star.  The power of ALL resides in both.  You are truly, wondrously and fearfully made.  Do not doubt this.

You have every single thing you need.  Do what feels right in order to capitalize on your joy.

You are my beloved.

Me:  Ok.  What do I want to create today?

How do I want to express myself?

What are my boundaries?

I’ve never liked boundaries, yet I set them constantly.  I feel like I am wimping out on “all the power of God” by admitting to using and needing boundaries.  I think my thoughts on boundaries are related to my thoughts on commitment.

This must be another tool of creation.  In the visible world there must be edges, boundaries and commitments.

As far as I can see...

As far as I can see…

A boundary is a stopping-energy: a starting point; a turn, choice or decision; a finishing point.

This is a perfect day to conclude my month 1, 30 days of extending love to my fear of commitment.  I have learned commitment is a part of me and if I keep loving all the parts of me, including commitment, I am able to express this in varied and wondrous ways.  Far from being a burden, a commitment is a creative energy I   allow within myself in order to express, create and tell the story of my life.

One day at a time.

I am reminded of my Mother’s favorite quote, the one she engraved on a silver bowl she gave to my father upon his graduation from dental school:

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there you will see farther.”

What epic fear will we extend love to next Holy Spirit?  

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