1. Day 29: Being Here Now

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1. Day 29:  Being Here Now

I continue to feel the tidal pull between business, my spiritual practice of my commitment to extending love to my fears and wanting to be with family.  The pull of the actions commitment seems to require is great.  It is hard to sit still and meditate or BE in the face of commitment (even if it is a commitment to facing my fear and blogging about it).  I must not really understand commitment or what is going on inside me.  Please show me the way to peace and joy AND commitment, it must be possible.  Thank you.

Me:  I feel the tidal pull of activities swirling around me and this feels separate from me.  What is going on?  Why is it so hard to BE HERE NOW?

HSDearest One,

Here, now, is all you need.

All that you are, have, desire is here now.  There is truly nothing more you need or want.  Being here now is all you actually can do.  What do you notice here now?


Me:  clock tick, heartbeat, bird twitter, refrigerator hum, candle flicker, neck itch, pillow squish, deep breath, sleepy eyes, glad heart

Is it fear or fears pulling me away?

HS:  The pull is the call for fear:  I must, I should, I need, Hurry!, Help!!, Faster!, “I can’t do it.”, “I’m lost”  Let us recognize these for what they are—a wake up call for loving.

Loving where I am

Loving where I am

Let us love where you are.

Let us love what you are doing.

Let us love who you are.

You are involved in a wonderful, wholly present Love project.

You are going to be present at a family wedding (the first of this generation to marry and celebrate).

You are going to see and be with your dear ones from all parts of your life.  These are all precious expressions of my love for you, savor each and every one of these brothers and see them as your own love loving you.

Be here now this very day—only today.  Witness the ease and glory of the day.

Each day, each moment, each breath has everything it needs for full expression and receiving of truth.  This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad.

There is no need to hurry through in order for all to be done.  The hurry does not create it only veils what is actually happening.  


  1. Thank you, Eva! In the One Mind we are joined. As I bounce back and forth between activities, I find greater peace and support as your conversations with Holy Spirit re-Mind me of Truth.

    • Thank you so much for your comment I am so glad Holy Spirit is reminding us together!

  2. Hello dearest Eva, The best is yet to come! Indeed, it is already here. Happiness, joy, peace are yours. Just allow them to be.

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