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1. Day 25: Love Is Vast Enough

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1. Day 25:  Love Is Vast Enough

I am feeling a little (actually A LOT) cornered by time.  My week is full.  Help! This thought, a benediction from my heart revives me: Love is vast enough to hold all my time, appointments, plans and schedule. This bears repeating.  Every five minutes if needed:   LOVE IS VAST ENOUGH (Love Is –inhale….Vast Enough–exhale x repeat as needed) Me:  What do I need right now?  I feel ever so slightly fidgety and rushed. This is the part of commitment I question; it takes up a lot of space and energy.  Here I am, in my quiet time, and thoughts, ideas, ponderings keep popping...

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1. Day 24: Rocking the Vastness

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1. Day 24:  Rocking the Vastness

Today I am feeling the waffling of downsizing my commitment of a daily post: It is not needed. It will inundate my brother. I’m painting myself into a corner. Is this really fun? Why? HS:  Why not? Me:  Why not????  Exactly!! Why the heck NOT?! It won’t hurt, I write everyday anyway. An ambitious goal gets my juices flowing. I want to blow myself away in amazement. I want a searchable record. It IS fun! Oh Yeah!  Now I remember!!  Thanks! Just when I needed some encouragement for this epic commitment of a daily blog posting project this perfect quote appeared before my very eyes: “Your love...

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1. Day 23: Itching Relieves Tension

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1. Day 23:  Itching Relieves Tension

Today commitment is like the annoying itch I have at the moment.  To be honest, I want more to know about the itching that I want to know about commitment. Me:  What is this itching about?  It comes replete with both full-on annoyance and delicious satisfaction.  It keeps coming back, is this some form of self-medication?  Please help me see here, thank you. HS:  Your body continues to call out for care:  movement, moisture, nourishment, stretch, openness and strength. Me:  Honestly, I get tired of my body’s needs.  How can I see this differently? Whoa!  This thought just snuck into my...

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1. Day 22: Fame Is a Flashlight

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1. Day 22:  Fame Is a Flashlight

Weirdly I have discovered underneath my fear of commitment lies what I call a feeder-fear; this is a fear of fame.  I know it sounds ridiculous because what are the odds of “fame” occurring because of what I write on a blog?  Especially since I have yet to put any hustle into sharing the blog (I am leaving that totally up to my Holy Spirit btw).  Fame is one way of putting being known for who and what you are or stand for.  I guess I need to hear about fame because that is exactly what I asked. Me:  These days people taste fame, at least for a moment, fairly easily and quickly with YouTube,...

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1. Day 21: Commitment, a Difference of Opinion

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1. Day 21:  Commitment, a Difference of Opinion

I spoke yesterday of the onslaught of experiences being sustained by my nearest and dearest.  This gives me a perfect opportunity to extend love to my fear of commitment.  Here is where commitment, in my opinion, goes awry.   I am fully committed to my beloved partner of 30 plus years.  I also am beginning to be fully committed to my own heart.  So what happens when we see things differently and want to approach how to help someone in distress in totally different ways? Here is the very helpful answer from Holy Spirit, one that I will return to again and again when opinions differ amongst...

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