1. Day 22: Fame Is a Flashlight

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1. Day 22:  Fame Is a Flashlight

Weirdly I have discovered underneath my fear of commitment lies what I call a feeder-fear; this is a fear of fame.  I know it sounds ridiculous because what are the odds of “fame” occurring because of what I write on a blog?  Especially since I have yet to put any hustle into sharing the blog (I am leaving that totally up to my Holy Spirit btw).  Fame is one way of putting being known for who and what you are or stand for.  I guess I need to hear about fame because that is exactly what I asked.

Me:  These days people taste fame, at least for a moment, fairly easily and quickly with YouTube, Facebook, email chains and the 24/7 news cycle.  So what IS fame all about anyway?

HS:  Fame is a collective seeing-at-once.

It mirrors SEEING not worth.  This is how quickly and easily seeing and awareness can spread to the whole and yet without the desire for seeing Love, the moment falls flat.

Me:  What do people do or need to do with fame when or if it suddenly shows up unannounced?

HS:  Extend love to fame.

Fame, too, is innocent; it is a thought of import yet it is truly a shared seeing.

Fame is like a flashlight.  It illuminates briefly.  For true and continued illumination you must go within your own heart.

Fame, adulation and worship go hand in hand to insist on solution, resolution and the belief that love is only OUT THERE (as opposed to within HERE too).

Fame, notoriety, and infamy can all be handled in the way all things are handled:  with and in Love.

Me:  I still feel unnerved by fame.  Time to extend love:

     I extend comfort to this thought.

     I extend mercy to this thought.

     I extend simplicity to this thought.

HS:  Fame is not the truth about you.

Fame is not the truth about me.

Fame is not the truth about me.

Love is the truth about you.

Fame is mostly about logistics.

Ask and ye shall receive all you need in any moment.

I am with you.

Me:  I actually am afraid of fame.  It seems a rough and tumble sport where you could get easily hurt.

HS:  Fame is not the truth about you.

Me:  OH!  I am afraid of NOT THE TRUTH ABOUT ME

Does this mean I want the TRUTH ABOUT ME???

Does this also mean I’m NOT afraid of THE TRUTH ABOUT ME?

This is a good thing, right?

HS:  You never need fear the truth about you or anyone else.  The truth arrives with weight, space and guidance.  It is in itself both ballast and direction.


  1. Thank you, Eva, for digging deeper and sharing a different perspective.
    Way cool!

    • Somehow allow other perspectives just helps me feel into the spaciousness that Love is!

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