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1. Day 20: An Onslaught

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1. Day 20:  An Onslaught

Over the past three days various loved ones in my circle are facing: Good news, bad news, a diagnosis, an accusation, huge financial shortfall, a happy arrival,  leaving a favored job. I feel all of these things as if they were happening to me directly.  I am not sure if this is an awareness of oneness or just how life works. In this light, my plan to extend love to commitment seams silly or beside the point.  What does commitment matter in the face of this onslaught of life? Today extending love to commitment feels more like a commitment to love.  I feel as if some watershed moment—a...

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1. Day 19: A Block to Love’s (& Commitment’s) Presence

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1. Day 19:  A Block to Love’s (& Commitment’s) Presence

In meditation I had this thought: The layered difficult circumstances that I thought were “why” I couldn’t express my Self (not the right time; someone will be upset/hurt; this is heresy; it’s not my place) I saw as a bulwark dam I had built to keep from expressing truth. Why did I do this to myself? HS:   Dearest One, This is an experience you give yourself over and over again just to see how long you can stand it—like holding your breath under water as a child.   Fear not the meaning.  The world is made of this; experiments of experience and trial and error to see if it is possible to live...

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1. Day 18: Prayer & Intention

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1. Day 18:  Prayer & Intention

HS, please help me be aware and delight in all the help, support, information I might need in my project.  Let this be fun, juicy and uplifting.  I love the help from unexpected sources that comes to me.  I am learning this technology of a new blog with ease and I am loving it.  I actually enjoy the process of posting, maintaining and sharing my experience.  Please guide me in this that I may always ask first so I share a full experience of you, of US. Thank you, amen. OH!  I just realized my friend’s change of heart re helping me is a VOTE FOR MY VOICE.  It is confirmation I...

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1. Day 17: Trusting My Inner Guidance

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1. Day 17:  Trusting My Inner Guidance

Me:  How can I fully, or more fully, trust my own guidance, revelation and truth? HS:  Dear One, This is the way.  Right here.  Right now. Notice.  Allow.  Listen. Trust is built of these things. Blind trust is a baby step, a tiny willingness to move into a situation without knowing the outcome. You are learning to trust with eyes fully open.  Not-Knowing is not blind.  Not-Knowing is willingness to see beyond what is known and move fully into the Love that you are.  This is the Not-Known.  You do not yet fathom who and what you are.  YOU are the Not-Knowing.   It is your not knowing...

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1. Day 16: A Second Helping of Disappointment

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1. Day 16:  A Second Helping of Disappointment

This morning I am very aware of the whispering thoughts in my head that are stewing in back-burner disappointment.  My friend, my buddy, my partner in all things spiritual wanted to help edit, proof and possibly post my blog.  I was so relieved as this type of technical input baffles and bewilders me.  In following her own guidance she changed her mind several days later and begged off leaving me startled and unsure of myself. Here is the message from HS:  HS:  Trust her on her path even as you trust yourself on your own path. There is room for all paths.  Light shows the way.  The way is...

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