1. Day 19: A Block to Love’s (& Commitment’s) Presence

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1. Day 19:  A Block to Love’s (& Commitment’s) Presence

In meditation I had this thought:

The layered difficult circumstances that I thought were “why” I couldn’t express my Self (not the right time; someone will be upset/hurt; this is heresy; it’s not my place) I saw as a bulwark dam I had built to keep from expressing truth.

Why did I do this to myself?

HS:   Dearest One,

This is an experience you give yourself over and over again just to see how long you can stand it—like holding your breath under water as a child.   Fear not the meaning.  The world is made of this; experiments of experience and trial and error to see if it is possible to live without the flow of truth.  It never works, it never will.

The flow of truth is synonymous with the flow of life. 

An ugly fact can open the door to a great flow of truth. 

Fear not the real facts.

Fear not the unattractive truth.

Let the truth speak to you where it is, only then can its flow be released.


Me:  Is why I am taking a twelvemonth to extend love to my epic fears because I refused to face them for so long?


HS:  Dearest One,

It is because everyone refuses to face fears that this practice is helpful.

It would be helpful even if no one read your words save you.  One person’s experience always affects the One.  All pain, all joy, all fear, all truth, all change, all revelation affects ALL.  Do not doubt this.

This knowledge is not to curtail you but to celebrate you.  All extending love to your thoughts will affect all thoughts.  You are interconnected as One in ways beyond your ken.  It fact, it is at the level of thought

where this connection is most understandable.  In form you cannot fathom a united physical connection, though this is represented by the form that does connect all physically:  the Earth.

Thought is energy

Thought is energy

Thought is fluid, formless, ever-present energy.

As you relate to thought this allows the energy to flow through or with.  Unacknowledged or unwanted thoughts get stuck.  You name and give meaning to thoughts as it comes through.  Pause and feel thought now.

Behind the words it just is—IS. 

ME:  I feel open and spacious like there is enough room for me, my thoughts AND the presence I used to call God.  It is all One.  I feel the Oneness and I’m not even in deep meditation.  Is it getting easier to feel because more are feeling the same thing or because of practice?

HS:  Both.  The practice brings it into your own awareness.  The multifaceted practice of thousands brings it into the Awareness.


  1. lovely, and so true! we keep proving over and over that it is not possible to live without love, yet the proof doesn’t change our determination to test it again anyway. 🙂
    Practice, practice, practice…

    • The big surprise is that the practice is turning out to be way more powerful and fun than I ever thought it could be! Thanks for reading and commenting dear Candace!

  2. Awesome!!!
    Thank you!
    Blessings and Love,

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